So I lied, and have broken some rules...

And the vodcast hasn't come up yet. But some things to update:

1) I have a new blog that I'm contributing to with redambition - Operation Awesomeness - read up to know what it's about.

2) WWKIP is happening this weekend - and I shall bring my camera along to that!

3) Uni assignments are so BORING. But am almost finished.

4) I had Maccas for the first time in a while this year. I know I'm so naughty. Won't happen again.

5) Also had a fizzy drink. A Coke Zero. Someone slap me.

6) Diet starts next week when my uni assignments are done.

7) Shall stop procrastinating in 5 minutes... :D

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Good luck! I tried to post a comment on your other blog but can't seem to get it working! Anyway, I thought I'd let you know that I lost about 15kg about 2-3 years ago and have managed to keep it off. I decided not to join a gym because - well because I just never go and I'm always wasting my money. Instead I joined Weight Watchers and just walked and did some running. That was it, but it took me ages to lose it (about 8-9 months). Looking forward to reading up on your progress.