Tis the season to be jolly

Fa la la la la, la la la la...

First time in a while where I've been single for Christmas. Must say it's a raw feeling to have. I thought I'd be used to this whole singledom by now, but I'm still adjusting. But being surrounded by friends and family does make it feel a lot better, and I do feel loved by those around me.

There's something about holidays that, even though it physicallly isn't anything different to any other day of the year, mentally and emotionally there is a certain hype or expectation that it has to be "special". In a sense it's a special day because it's a specific day to spend with loved ones, but what I'm trying to say is that it shouldn't have to wait to be a "special" day for us to give presents and say that you love and care for them. It should happen more often throughout the year... But, you know, lifestyle, work, busy-ness, blah blah blah prevents that from happening at times.

I guess from this thought I'm going to try and make more of an effort to spend time with family next year. I know this year I've been a bit slack, and not seeing my parents and little brother as often as I should. I try to do it weekly, but sometimes I miss a couple of weekends here and there due to commitments or laziness.... But yah, I know family will always be there for me, no matter what, and I should take the time to appreciate them and be there to show I care as well.

And with special holidays come family traditions, one of them is going to my Grandma's and having a family bbq. Caught up with cousins, aunts and uncles that I haven't seen since Easter. I have family that live in Dubbo, and they come up to Sydney every Christmas and Easter to see us. They happen to be my favourite aunt and uncle Linh and Nhan, and have 4 kids (I may have mentioned this before) - Nathan, Trudy, Coorey and the new addition (who was baptised earlier this year at Easter) Celyna. And she is sooooo cute! My aunt is totally in love.

Then I was to Gee's place for her birthday - Happy Birthday Gee!!! She turned 24 on the 24th, and had a red themed party. She was lovely to cook for us a dinner, and served sangria as part of the red theme. She also made this awesome icecream, and oh my was it diabetes central but oh so good!

And the traditional Midnight Mass. For me it's a family tradition to always go. I managed to stay awake (thanks to the awesomeness of computer midi music), and it was lovely to be back to my old parish and be recognised still, and caught up with a couple of old friends in the meantime. I kinda miss the church community, however I don't quite miss the ritual of going to church... Quite like my sleep ins on Sunday, thanks. :D

Followed by the opening of pressies - Dad and Tony liked their presents from me. Got Dad a Saba collared buttoned shirt in a steel grey colour, short sleeved for summer, from the David Jones sale in the city. He really really liked it, and Mum was impressed just by the label (sigh). Tony really loved his Chaser Annual book that was signed especially for him (the Chaser guys were at Broadway and I took advantage of that). He also got a shirt that I bought from the Finders Keepers market, which he appreciated, but not as much as the autographed Chaser Annual.

But Mum however, she didn't like the shoes I bought her. They were really pretty black heels, but Mum doesn't wear heels anymore. And the first thing she says when she opened her present was "Oh how extremely tall is this! I can't wear this, I'll trip over and die!". You see - she's shorter than me, and for my whole entire life I've known her to wear heels. But this year, she's gone crazy, and decided NOT to wear heels the ONE year I buy her shoes for Christmas. It is another example of how I cannot win when it comes buying presents for Mum - it's never up to her standard. She will always find something to complain about, even if it was something she requested. Sometimes I wish I never bothered with it, but hey - she gave it back to me and the great thing about that is that we have the same size feet. So I have scored myself some awesome pair of shoes, and glad I like it too...

Anyways - shall no longer bore you with my Christmas Day... Safe holidays everyone, and remember not to always wait until Christmas to show that you love and care for someone. :D


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I can now add Bachelor of Music to my name. :D Finally, after 6/7 years, I have a frigging degree.

So... now what? I have no idea. Let's see what 2010 has to offer. :P

Tribute to Oscar


It was love at first sight -
Your gorgeous round face and big, bright eyes.
You started talking, I was engaged,
You had a way of capturing people's attention.

A sociable one, approaching people and making them feel loved,
But not one for being egotistical or too proud.
You knew you were handsome, yet you weren't one to flaunt,
Instead you would freely share your affection.

You were loyal towards me until the very end,
Following me and waiting for me.
Your concerns when I came home late,
Sitting (im)patiently at the end of the hallway
Or on my bed - the stare from you was priceless!

I will miss your playfullness,
Your talkative times and your headbutts.
Our cuddles will be reminisced
And the lazy times where we'd chill out in bed.

Although brief, our time together was awesome.
You've made an impression not only on me
But on others whom you have met along the way.
Be good, Oscar... Remember me as the one
Who gave you that tartan collar
And lots of love, kisses and headbutts.

I'll miss you Oscar!!!! I hope to meet another cat just like you. Hugs and kisses from afar!


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Last weekend was one of the most fun but most bizarre weekends ever, as a couple of things happened that I had least expected. That is, not everything went to plan.

HOWEVER, I now have a new brainchild. I was so excited by it on Monday night that I didn't sleep until 1am. I'm starting to calm down about it, but I was just telling all my closest friends and everything. I love being inspired, and I love having projects in mind. Difference is whether I actually fulfil them or not. I feel as though next year is the year of huge projects, and I'm going to go through at least the two I have in mind.

Sorry for being vague, but I am tres excited!

In other news, I'm trying to get back into normal life... Or at least start a new routine. Have joined a gym last week, so I should utilise that ASAP otherwise it's another waste of moneys. Have quite a few social events this week that I'm looking forward to, and this weekend looks like a huge weekend coming up as well! A dinner party, a picnic, another party, a show maybe, and then Britney's concert on Monday. Yes, I'm going to see Britney mime. :D

I'm just totally excited about life now! It's the greatest feeling, really.


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I can't explain the relief I feel right now....

End of an Era

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As much as I hate to say this, I think tomorrow will be the last day of a period of my life where it has taken great significance, and has helped me to the place I am right now.

I think I may have fallen out of love of piano.

And it makes me sad to realise this, because piano has been a huge part of my life. But several years ago when I started my BMus (yes, it was that long ago), I realised I didn't have the same talent or dedication that some of my peers had, or the natural musicality and technique some of them carried. As of late, I've noticed it even more so. I feel fraudulant calling myself a "pianist" because I'm not of the calibre that most of my peers were at Uni and at my teacher's studio. For a while I tried really really hard - practicing hours on end, and just trying to get these damn Creole dances under my fingers. But in the end I got a decent mark (75), but not the marks that everyone else were getting - 80, 85, 90, 92... I know I shouldn't have to compare myself to others, and just do the best to my ability, but it made me sad that even when I do my best, I can never be the best.

Piano, however, introduced me to the world of theatre. With my piano skills, I was able to do some things, such as accompanying and being part of musical theatre shows. That's when my love of musical theatre started to grow substantially, and the skills that I attained through my degree and piano lessons enabled me to musical direct student theatre shows and just expose me to a great group of talented and fun friends, and to immerse myself in the wonderful world of musical theatre.

It has also made me realise that I'm not a performer. I know what I want to get out of it, but I can't seem to channel it, especially through the piano. I can tell people how, and I can observe and criticise, but to actually do it myself - somehow it just doesn't show. Same with my acting - not that I've done much acting, but I don't think I can fully be comfortable with myself to expose myself that way. Even with my singing - I think I have a couple of restrictions with my voice and even if I work hard at it and stuff, I don't think I can ever get to a level to some of my friends are.

Hence being comfortable taking the "director" chair, and telling other people to do it. I actually have a thrill seeing awesome theatre. I physically get chills down my spine. The first show I saw on Broadway, In the Heights, I cried. I had the whole "oh wow, this is theatre" feeling, and I was brought to another place. I've had friends' performances give me that feeling of "wow, magic" before. And I guess if I'm able to do a show where I get that for 75% of the performance (at least), I will feel as though I've succeeded.

So tomorrow, here's to passing my piano exam. All I want is this degree, and finish this part of my life. Start something new. I've finally found my calling - I really want to direct. I want to create and mould and visiualise and conceptualise. I want to wow, I want to make magic, I want to leave an impression. I want people to think and realise and empathise and sypmathise and just want. I don't think I've ever been this sure about my life in a very long, long time.

So close...

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So I didn't end up doing my recital - had a bit of an anxiety attack and it is now postponed to a later date. I'm still practicing like anything and trying to get university over and done with so I can move on with life. So even though there's only 6 more days of October, I don't think I can fulfil my Blogtoberfest obligations... I could have if I were more organised since the very beginning, but things happen for a reason. Life happens for a reason. And I should stop dwelling on what could have been and focus on now and what could be.

I am one essay, one report and one recital away from finishing university. Yet I don't feel like doing it. I feel like whatever I write or whatever I play will not be good enough, and that I won't pass, even though my lecturers have said they'll help me pass and that's what they're there for. Maybe I'm afraid of moving on? Or maybe I just think it's too hard and feel it's easier to give up. I should stop with that attitude because it's gotten me no where me thinks.

I found out I'm good with making plans, but I'm not necessarily good at executing them unless I'm really really into them. I have this huge plan ready for my birthday in February next year. Turning 25, I'm hoping to make a huge huge birthday bash as I didn't have a huge one when I was 21. It'll hopefully celebrate not only my birthday but the fact that I've finally finished uni (after all those years of part time study and failing) and a new chapter in my life. These grand plans will come into play once my recital is done, and my NIDA interview is over.

But for now I have to focus on the task at hand - today I'm going to finish that damn 2500 word essay, and do that 750 word report, and practice my heart out until next week so that I can put a "Bachelor of Music" next to my Diploma of Associate Music in Piano Performance and my Diploma of Entertainment Business and Management. It's so close, yet so far.

Missed another 2 days of Blogtoberfest...

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I shouldn't have signed up really... :P

My recital is this Thursday, 22nd of October at Sir John Clancy Auditorium UNSW, 6.30pm. If you would like to come see me make a fool out of myself spewing piano notes everywhere you're welcome to. It's free, and you don't need to book. The Auditorium is pretty big and I highly doubt I can fill it up with people, but I'm obliged to publicise nevertheless. All I want to do is pass, really.

Oscar is being adorable, until he does naughty things like poo somewhere other than the litter tray. He was behaving so well until then. I think I need to change the litter box a little more often.

After this week is over, I will be excited to a) go back to my knitting, and b) finish uni. I would only have a couple of more papers to hand in and hopefully that would only take me a weekend and a couple of days, and then I can be stress free for about a week until I go for my application for NIDA... Sigh. Things never stop!

Back and unprepared

Back home from my travels. I fail at blogtoberfest, as I definitely haven't been blogging every single day. Even though it's great to be home, I'm now back to reality and the responsibilities that face me for the next couple of weeks at least.

I has a new foster cat. I've named him Oscar, and he's really chatty. And currently really smelly because he just recently gotten desexed, and his body is still trying to get used to the whole "no more testerone" thing. But he's adorable... :D

And in other news my recital is this Thursday. Totally and thoroughly unprepared. Am trying to practice heaps, but yah, the motivation is no longer there. I have 5 more days of heaps of practice and hopefully I'll get there. Apparently I can. I just need to work really hard. Sigh. And then my degree will be OVER!

I Heart America

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And after New York and San Fran, I'm thinking I'm happy to move here for a while. I dunno whether I would bring up a family here, because I'd like my kids to be near my parents (or at least in the same country), but for my career I really need to be in the States.

San Francisco has a couple of friends living here, and they all seem so happy. Or at least successful... One friend is working at Ernst and Young, and another at Apple, and they seem so happy! San Fran is a pretty city despite the hills (and the weather - slept in this morning because it was raining and we couldn't do anything in the rain), and the houses are pretty. However New York has this exciting buzz to it that I just really really loved.

I'm scared of facing all the work I need to do once I get back to Sydney... Sigh. It'll all be done in a week I'm sure, but still scared!

I'm already planning my next trip - I'm hoping to go to Londontown. And possibly a couple of other places in Europe. Hope to save up enough money to get some specials or early bird tickets sometime next year... And maybe a detour back to New York if I have the time and monies!!! Sigh... Just have to keep on fantasising, it keeps me sane. :D

San Francisco...

A very different vibe. It's definitely awesome, with the insane amount of restaurants and arty stores, and the pace - very very relaxed. Definitely opposite to New York. And oh my, the amount of hills! You wouldn't have to get a gym membership if you had to walk everywhere here. Just walk a couple of hills a day and I think you'll lose weight almost instantly.

We went on a City Tour today, seeing as we only have 2 days here, and it's pretty awesome that you can go a couple of blocks and it changes continents - from Chinatown to Little Italy to something South American.

It's a pity that it's a bit overcast, and apparently it's going to be raining tonight and windy tomorrow... Hopefully that won't get in the way of things!

Starting to stress about uni work, and the amount of stuff I have to do when I get there... Sigh. But I've planned it all out and made notes about it all. :D Hopefully I'll be organised and stick to it!

Waiting... Foolishly...

I did the ultimate stupid thing this morning.

A couple of days ago I thought I'd be organised and book in a shuttle bus to the airport. I asked for 7.35am because I read my flight as 10.35am. And how I was wrong.

My flight was actually at 7.25am, and 10.35 was the time on my old itinerary where I would've ARRIVED at San Fran.

On my new itinerary we would've arrived there at 11am, so we would've had had half a day to go around sight seeing and stuff, but alas we've spent this opportunity to miss a flight due to my stupidity and spend possibly 12 hours waiting around for a free seat on the flight. We've been waiting around since 8.30am waiting for flights every 2-3 hours, being on the stand-by list and just hoping we'll be on the next flight. I really hope we're on the next flight at 5.30, but obviously people aren't as stupid as me.

I guess the reason why I made this mistake is because this is the first time that I'm pretty responsible for the whole trip. I don't have my parents nagging at me, and they're usually very particular about things, and I'm not part of any tour where other people would also check things and we'd keep eachother in line. I have my little brother, and even though he's 14 he's still fairly dependent, and I didn't expect him to go ahead and double check papers for me or anything.

So here I am, in JFK Airport NY, waiting for a flight to San Fran. At least it's not a flight home, just kicking myself because I've now lost a full day of travelling and sight seeing. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise - it's allowing us to do nothing and have a rest. Would just prefer to do it without the added stress about whether we're going to be on the next flight or whether we have to figure out a place to go to tonight if we don't get in. Apparently, and fingers crossed, we'll be leaving at 7.30pm the latest.

Oh and to add to the time wastage, all my knitting is in my suitcase which are now checked-in, also waiting in stand-by I guess. Just scared about the whole knitting confiscation that I thought I'd play it safe and leave it in my checked-in luggage. Sigh.

I hate being stranded.

I'm a consumer whore! And how??!!

So I've bought a whole heap of stuffs...

(Yes, that was totally posed.)

So I bought so far:
  • Sheet music to musicals and films: In the Heights, Cabaret, Drowsy Chaperone, The Little Mermaid (Broadway), Enchanted, Twilight (for my students, I swear)
  • Yarn: Some more Alpaca Tweed, including the Donegal Tweed and the Merino I bought yesterday
  • Some square needles - they were awesome to try out! (Wordout to Southport yarns - they were so awesome and hospitible)
  • New Jared Flood booklet and Debbie Bliss magazine
  • 2 hangings - one of Broadway/Time Square, and one vintage looking Hershey's Ad
  • Mr Potato Head parts and an Eva and Wall-E plush
  • m&m earrings
  • New pair of headphones that are BRIGHT RED by Panasonic
  • Converse sneakers
  • I Love NY T-shirt and Hoodie
  • 5 shows I've seen so far: Shrek, Hair, In the Heights, Next to Normal and A Steady Rain
And tonight I saw Shrek the Musical, mainly because Sutton Foster was in it. The staging was spectacular, with lots of awesome mechanics and moving sets, and puppetry. And Sutton Foster tap dancing!!! :D I went to Stage Door and waited to grab her autograph, and then got Tony to take a photo of me with her, which was awesome! :D Even the little Fionas came out to sign the programs, they were so cute!

Tony, my little brother, is getting tired of all the theatre, which I kinda feel sorry for him. BUUUUUT then again, I did tell him that if he was going to come along, that most of the time I'll just be seeing theatre shows and going to yarn stores. But we did go to J&Rs, which is a huge electronics store, and we got some headphones that he wanted. They're actually really really good, and the ones I got are just aesthetically awesome, dunno whether the sound quality is actually that good, but they suffice for me.

I'm tempted to get more Converse sneakers - $40 over here! And maybe more yarn and maybe some perfume... So much stuff!

Until next time, Hello from NEW YORK!!! :D Miss you Sydney, even though I heard the weather has been a bit bipolar.

I Heart Theatre...

Saw two shows today - A Steady Rain, with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, and Hair.

My little brother slept through A Steady Rain... He found it boring. It was also his first ever experience watching a "play" as opposed to a musical. I realised that all the shows he's seen with either me or my family have all been musicals, so in a sense he was spoilt that his first ever straight play was with two top actors, and he found it boring.

Hair, on the other hand, was AMAZING!!! It was very interactive, with the ensemble going out to the audience dancing and protesting and what not. And the best thing in the end was that they invited the audience to come up and DANCE!!! So basically I could officially say I danced and sang on Broadway!!!

Another awesome aspect about Hair was that the band was onstage, and the MD was awesome - she dressed up all hippy like and everything, and even participated in one of the songs, and at the end when I was on stage I asked for a photo. Alas, the quality wasn't great, because as soon as someone took the photo, the lights went down - but it has a trippy effect to it!

She was just as a performer as the cast on stage, and I was reminiscing of the times when I was in City of Angels and I realised that everyone could see me, so I had to "perform" my conducting as well! :D

Unfortunately (and kinda fortunately) I've decided not to go to WEBS... Mainly because after my little brother sleeping through A Steady Rain, he felt a bit grumpy because we've been doing a lot of things that I wanted to do. So instead we have tickets to see Shrek (which is more up his alley) and tomorrow we're spending the day at Centennial Park and Ground Zero and seeing the Statue of Liberty.

HOWEVER - I did go to School Products... And omg the yarngasm... So much cashmere I couldn't comprehend it all! I touched a $55 ball of cashmere bulky yarn, and almost cried. And the colours!!!! It was only merino, but the colours were AMAZING...

I bought some Donegal Tweed which I think is also Cashmere, because it was marked down from $50 to $20 per skein, and bought 8 balls of the aurora 8 Karabella Yarn, which is 100% merino. In the picture above, it's the third from the bottom right. Going to try and catch some more yarn stores on Friday and Saturday, but I'm spending WAYYYYY too much money already.

Oh and I also visited the Disney Store, and Tony and I had too much fun. There was a place where you can bring home your own Mr Potato Head in a box, and fit as many parts as you can for $19.95. Tony did Buzz Lightyear and the Incredibles, and I did Little Mermaid and the Mad Hatter...

We did so much today, I could go on forever... But I can say that I need more than just 6 days in New York... It's too crazy here and so much to dooooooo!!!!

The Land of Excess

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New York is a city of billboards, and the city of almost everything. Nevertheless, I love it here, and seeing theatre makes me want to stay in New York forever and ever.

Tonight I saw "Next to Normal", another Tony award winning musical. Got Partial View tickets for $36.50, which I thought were still fairly cheap. I missed out on the general rush tickets, as I should've stood in line at 10am to get some. Tomorrow I'm going to wait in line at 9.30am for student rush tickets to see "A Steady Rain", which has Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in it. Both Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in the same theatre and live??? How can I miss such an opportunity!

Thursday Ysolda Teague will be at WEBS, which apparently is only a couple of hours away on the train from New York. I dunno whether I wanna do the trek out in the evening to catch her or not, and it also means I sacrifice another evening of theatre. She'll be at WEBS from 6pm I think and only for an hour and a half, so I'm torn whether I should go see a musical that night, or make the journey out to a huge huge huge yarn store. Sigh... The choices!

Tomorrow we were hoping to go to Central Park, but it started raining. I was hoping to hire a couple of bikes and bike ride around, but maybe I should wait until Thursday seeing as that's a better day to go bike riding.

Sigh - I would move to New York in a heart beat, really.

In the heights...

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So today we visted a couple of places, and I shall post up photos later when I'm less tired... It's currently 4.30am and I've stayed up to finish a paper that was due last Friday... 5 days late equals to 10% off, but hey, it's finished, right?

In summary Tony and I went to:

  • M&Ms store - lots and lots of M&Ms in different colours!
  • NBC Studios, home to Saturday Night Live
  • Magnolia Bakery, and
  • Watched In the Heights - an awesome musical.
The musical inspired me to finish my damn assignment and not be burdened with guilt. The show gave me the fuzzies in which awesome musical theatre always give me, and how I want to be part of it one day by being a director. That made me go "Damn, I want to fucking pass this Bachelor of Music and move onto my next chapter of my so-called career".

But I shall leave you with this video of a busker playing the most awesome instrument in the world - the keytar!



I couldn't help but sing the opening song from "Team America" when I landed in Los Angeles for transit.

18 hours of plane and 4-5 hours of waiting in between and I'm finally in New York... With swollen feet and tired pants from my little brother.

And the first thing we did? We wanted food, so we ordered from a Deli around the corner that did delivery, and ordered some curly fries.

So tomorrow we will start our musings - New York, here we come!

So I massively fail...

At Blogtoberfest.

Although it's been a busy 2 days... Friday was spent running around chasing up things whilst trying to finish an assessment which wasn't successful.

Then Dad found out about my credit card debt and took my credit card away from me. :(

There's a saying in Vietnamese... "Cha may" (spelling a bit iffy) which literally translates to "Your Dad". Thing is, Dad said it. To me. When he was looking over my last credit card bill statement. I found it hilarious. Those who have hung around me a bit know that sometimes I like to use the catch phrase "Your Mum"... "Cha may" has a bit of a different ring to it, and also a different purpose, but it's kinda similar to "your mum"... kinda.

So I leave on a plane at 1450. To New York. Then San Fran. Yay! Although a bit stressed about the work that lies ahead when I get back, but I'm going to try and forget about it and not worry about a thing.

Here's to the US of A.

Blogtoberfest - Can I do it?

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I was reading a fellow blogger Bells' recent post which mentioned "Blogtoberfest". I'm a sucker for punishment, seeing as I have all these things to do (including a 3000 word paper due tomorrow) and yet I decide to procrastinate and write for my blog instead.

For those who are up for it, it's not too late to sign up. Tinnie, a crafter that I only heard of since today, is organising one on her blog and you can sign up and grab a gadget for your Blogger from here. I guess today is the last day to sign up seeing as part of the condition is to blog e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e d.a.y... This will also be interesting as I will be away for a week and a half in New York and San Francisco... I shall be bringing my laptop with me and visiting net cafes just so I can do this! Oh and iPhone will be great too. :D

So I do hope this is considered a blog-worthy entry. Procrastinating again from a 3000 word paper due tomorrow and piano practice. Only THREE more sleeps before I leave for New York, and one night to write up 3000 words. If I don't finish it, I shall do it on the plane trip to New York where there is no internet distraction and I have all my material with me to complete everything.

I also hope I get my knitting mojo back. All this hectic-ness has made me not knitting as much as I would like. I'm going to try so hard to finish this paper so that hopefully I can knit on the plane.

ALRIGHT!!!! Off to work/practice... Sigh.

The story of Red Rock Deli Chips.

So when I was at the petrol station to refuel my car, I walked past the chips aisle which had 2 packets of 90g Red Rock Deli Chips for $5. Since I was a bit hungry, I did a very compulsive thing and bought the Honey Soy Chicken and Sea Salt flavours.

I thought maybe I won't eat dinner, seeing as I chowed through the Honey Soy one pretty quickly on the drive home. I was feeling gluttonous and started on the Sea Salt when I caught something that I thought was misleading.

First of all it said "75% less saturated fat". 75% less than what? Other chips with saturated fat? Didn't quite explain.

But the second one that really irked me was that it said it was "7% of your daily intake per serve". And I was like - woohoo! Only 7%!!! Then I thought - I'll check how many servings the package has. And lo and behold, each package had an estimated 3.2 servings.

I didn't eat all of Sea Salt, and I actually threw it out, but I think I had approximately 4 servings of chips. That means I just had 28-30% of my recommended daily intake. That was like a whole meal. And I totally am not that full from it. I do however feel a bit sick after finding out...

So even though I would eat them anyway because they taste good, they don't have to make us feel good about it. We KNOW what tastes that good is not going to be healthy.

I guess the moral of this story is always read the fine print - nothing is ever as good as it sounds. :D

10 Things I Did Last Night/This Morning (another night that ended at 4am)...

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Wore my lego necklace. It's red in a heart shape, with a yellow cross in the middle. I bought it the same time Georgina bought her Scrabble "G" ring at Glebe Markets.

Bought the new Regina Spektor and La Roux abulms. I heard Laroux the other night when I went to go Laser Tag at Darling Harbour with a couple of friends, and I was told off for not knowing La Roux... And Regina Spektor's music is featured in the movie I saw, which was -

500 Days of Summer. It was an awesome movie, and I fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt all over again. Zooey Deschanel is also very very cute and pretty. But it kinda proved my theory that you don't really move on from someone until you meet a particular someone else.

We went to Dendy Newtown to see the movie, and they allow alcohol in the theatre. I had a glass of red wine, and I left it in the drink holder in between the seats. My friend Kim and I were talking about something and he accidentally knocked my wine over into my seat and onto my clothes... So he nicely bought me another one. So you think I'd be thinking "Yay! 1 and a half drinks! Woohoo!!!" and that I'd be uber careful with the 2nd drink, but no, I knocked that one too JUST before the movie starts, and I missed the first couple of minutes of the movie (came in during the opening credits). So I spilt 2 glasses of red wine, which ended up being equivalent to just the one after spillage, but by golly goash did I feel like a klutz.

Thanks to Rosie, I had a Jam Donut. At first I thought she was talking about the actual donut, until she mentioned the word "shot" in the same sentence. And it was totally sweet, and quite nice!

Had a couple of Deep and Meaningfuls...

Gambled two dollars on the Pokies at Bar Broadway. The most I won was like 50 cents which I gambled away anyways.

Mixed my drinks. I had red wine, champagne and vodka. I'm surprisingly all okay.

Found some Zoolander magnets that my housemate had on the fridge, and it prompted a 3am session of the movie. Lots of Blue Steel...

And finally - ya mama.

Knitting mojo - where art thou?

Is it because I've been busy? I love knitting, and it's something that I can do with my hands other than creating music. I was told it waxes and wanes but yah, I have projects to finish! I've disappointed a swap partner right now, and I have been quite busy as of late, but still!

I've also been meaning to put up another episode of my knitting video blog - but it's like 2 months overdue right now... Sigh.

And uni is slowly creeping up with its responsibilities. Another sigh.

I also have like tons of social engagements - which really, I shouldn't complain. But I haven't been this social in a very long time. Monday has become my weekend more so than any other day (even though I work on Monday).

Also a dear friend of mine, LynS, is celebrating her birthday today. I wish her much happiness and knitting joy as she celebrates yet another awesome year on earth. She's a wonderful, inspiring woman, and I enjoy her company whenever we knit together. Happy Birthday, Lyn! :D

Who needs a label anyway?

People like to categorise things as it makes it easier to define and identify.

I was recently asked whether I was bi. I don't know really, I do think I'm probably more straight and possibly bi-curious, but I have the theory that if I'm attracted to someone, I'm attracted to someone, whether that person is a he or she. So far they have currently been mostly boys, but I have fallen for a girl or two in the past.

And then I have friends who are in complicated relationships - between the fine line of something that is "casual" to actually "going out", and the impact the title brings to the relationship can definitely strain it. I've been in a situation similar to that before, and the confusion it brings can cause definite heart ache and self doubt. But the pressure to have a relationship at a certain level can make having a relationship really tiring and just no fun. And right now all I'm up for is fun, even if it would confuse other people.

Which makes me think about the word "marriage". My understanding of marriage is that it is a union between two people recognised by the state/nation/whatever. The cliche is that people get married and "settle down", but I don't necessarily see that. I see marriage as a proclaimation between two people wanting to stay with eachother for the rest of their lives. Or until the divorce. People argue that you can still have a relationship without a marriage, but I think marriage can still be important as a legal thing and just a celebration of a couple being a couple.

But then - why say I believe in marriage, but also believe that labels are over rated at times? Isn't being married a label in itself? I guess. But I see marriage as a level of relationship - like if we start from being acquaintances, to friends, to lovers, to a married couple, and all the stuff in between.

I probably overthink too much and non-sensically whilst really tired from little sleep, but hey, I like to share my messy thoughts sometime.

So it's been a while...

Since I've done a post. Only because I've been distracted...

Currently doing a show which finishes this Saturday night (City of Angels @ UNSW with NUTS) and I'm having quite a lot of fun. It's been ages since I've been able to go out until 4am drinking and hanging out and just being me.

Being single enables me to just be free and flirt heaps (with both guys and girls) and let loose. I'm not concerned about offending anyone, as I can be my outrageous self once again. This show will probably be my last student production (if I pass everything that is), and I am happy for this show to be the last, as the experience has been great. The people have been awesome so far - cast, crew and orchestra.

As I was driving home after giving a lift home to Nikk (who directed the show), it just occurred to me how different single life can be. I haven't been "alone" for a while. I put alone in quotation marks because as one of my best friends has said to me, I'm not really the type to be "alone" in the sense that I thrive being in a group, and I'm not really ever "alone". The most blatant example was getting a foster cat a couple of weeks after my breakup a month and a half ago. For the past couple of years I've been jumping from one person to the next, and the biggest gap I had was 6 months and that was way back after my first ever real relationship in my teens. Since that break the gaps always ranged from 4-6 weeks, which in essence doesn't really give me enough time to be myself. Or that by the end of that 4-6 weeks I reach a stage where I'm so confident being on my own that (and I may sound a bit pigheaded here) I seem to attract people because I'm just loud and out there.

I've also noticed a change in the clothes I wear too. I've started wearing my ties again, and wearing hats. For some reason when I'm in relationships I stop wearing them or at least don't wear them that often... I guess when you're taken, you are less likely to want to attract attention to yourself. A girl wearing a tie does attract a bit of attention, and the styles of hats I wear do attract a bit more attention than usual.

I've also come to realise that I probably should just have lots of fun between now and when I think I have found "the one"... And I really do truly believe that I can find him out there. You may laugh but I seriously think there is such a thing as a soul mate, but for some reason I guess I've been naive to think I have found him for the past couple of times... I guess I can only wait to know what it really does feel like, and I have an inkling that when I find him it'll just click. Damn them Hollywood romcoms.

I have had friends who have a checklist for when they find Mr Perfect, but honestly, I don't think I could do such a checklist. Why restrict yourself? I guess the only restriction I'm allowing is that my "soul mate" is male. I probably have guidelines -the usual stuff like the preferable age, race, interests, etc. I definitely know that whoever I do end up with will be creative in some way, mainly because I am and I feed off other people who are creative around me. But other than that, why bother with the guidelines? It only disappoints you more.

One thing I'm a bit sad about lately is that I've kinda lost my knitting mojo.... And my study mojo, but that's not as fun as knitting. I hope to get back into it once I finish the show, and have a bit more time to chill out and knit things again.

Anyways, thought I'd share a lightbulb moment that I had when I was driving home alone. I like having car trips on my own sometimes, as I like to talk to myself and just wonder about things. I may be in a slight denial, but I think I'm getting comfortable with myself again and just being me. In order to attract, you gotta love yourself, and I think I'm most of the way there. I hope. :D

Glebe Markets!

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Today (18th July) I'm going to try my luck getting a stall at Glebe Markets... Due to personal distractions, I was slightly unorganised and did not book a casual stall in time this time.

BUUUT! I shall be posting on Ravelry and I'll try to post here if I'm successful.

So if you get this in time, come by my stall!

See you then. :D

Pilot Episode of Video Blog

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Hey y'all!

Ignore my incessant "umms" and my rising inflexions, here is my first ever episode of my knitting video blog!

It took me a while to put this up due to rendering problems and then my episode being too long... Garr!

WWKIP interviews will be the next episode, so stay tuned!

Please be aware that lighting and camera equipment were stolen by the money fairies, so I only had the minimum requirement to make this possible - sunlight, room light and a camcorder from eBay. :D

Feel free to leave comments or email me at knittingness(at)gmail.com


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I think the reason why I didn't sleep properly the other night was because I didn't eat enough meat. Because of what's happening lately, I've been eating not extremely well and lots of junk, ie nothing much of any nutritional value. Especially Sunday - had next to no meat at all. Had some chicken nuggets, but really, is that truly real meat?

Last night I went to Churrasco with my friend George, and had an abundance of meat to last me at least 2-3 days. Last night was such a really good, deep sleep compared to Sunday night. Sunday night after 2 days of no decent amount of meat (had a bit at Fee's birthday, but I mainly gorged on the sweets provided there), I was shivering. I thought it was because I had one less person in my room, but I think it's also due to the fact that I hadn't eaten properly and just eating carbs was probably quite a bit of a factor there.

This has convinced me not to be vegetarian. Sorry for those who are vegetarians out there, but I won't be doing so at least over winter.

Does anyone else think the same?


So yah, lots of changes are happening at the moment. It's like fate was getting bored and decided to like turn everything around and stuffs.

Dad bought me my new laptop which came with a free wireless colour printer - that's pretty cool. It's a Toshiba Satellite Pro, and it has 250GB memory, a web camera and apparently Dolby Sound speakers.

It's coming to an end with working for one of my bosses - last week of teaching in her schools before I have to surrender all my keys and what not. Saying goodbye to the little kiddies that I've been teaching for the past 4-5 months, some for the past 2 and a half years... eeeeep.

Had a NIDA interview for the Open Director's course. I think I got in, basically due to the fact that only 14 people showed up, and roughly 14/15 positions are available. Didn't get to speak as much as some others, but hey, I guess that's a good thing because they didn't need to get much out of me to find out what I'm like.

I promise my video blog will come up soon - just need to transfer all my data across from my old laptop and start editing. I also need to redo my first episode because I umm'd and ahhh'd a lot. And I was quite sniffly

And remember how I blogged about scary spider on my balcony? Well, she's dead... I think due to the rough winds and the cold weather, she was slowly dying because the last time I saw her before she died her web was all dusty with a couple of gaps here and there, and she was hanging on with just the one leg. Poor thing...

Maybe this signifies a change. Lots of things are happening around me that requires a level of adjustment, and this once scary spider will now rest in peace, I can now be able to go onto my balcony without the fear of the spider leaping off from her web onto me and biting me. Not that it would. But yah, I need to stop reading into things too much and overanalysing things...

Bye scary spider, hello balcony. Bye old broken laptop, hellow new wonderful laptop (although it has Vista...). Bye old job, hello new job. And hello to focusing on myself. :D

No longer there...

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Woken up by a dream just then. Well, I heard my housemates coming home from going out tonight and that woke me up. It's now 4.42am. Don't really want to go back to sleep.

Yesterday was a horrible day for me, because everything seemed to go wrong. It started with not purchasing the Britney Tickets at the time I was supposed to, thinking it was another time. I eventually did buy the tickets, and they're fairly good, but I could've gotten better....

Then a stupid cock-up at work on my part, which costed us not only money but time and unnecessary stress at such a crucial time of the year.

That lead me to find out something I kinda sensed would happen but did not want to happen. This devastated me the most, I guess.

Then coming home to check my email, and receiving one from my father who seemed upset.

So I cried myself to sleep. And had a dream which just reflected what happened if I overanalyse it and look at it metaphorically. If the dream was any indication of what's to come, then I really shouldn't get my hopes up and basically try to move on as soon as I can.

I'm really busy tomorrow, so hopefully I shall be able to distract myself for a period of time. Life, when it's good, is awesome. When it sucks, it sucks big time.

Sorry for such an emo post, and having had not posted for quite some time, this ain't a great one to start it off again.

Got tagged.

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So MissyFee tagged me, and because I'm procrastinating from my final assignment (that really shouldn't take me more than a couple of hours) I'm doing this. :P

What is your current obsession?
Knitting and yarn. I have recently bought $300 worth, and am continuing to buy things even though I'm trying to reduce my credit card debt.

What are you wearing today?
Right now I'm still in bed, wearing my pj pants that say "Little Miss Naughty" with the character of the same name, and my mum's huge jumper which she wore when she was pregnant with me. It was the 80s, so it's really daggy but warm - grey with big white bold box stripes. Very horrible, but home daggy.

What's for dinner?
Dunno yet - I went home to my parents yesterday and mum gave me a box of spring rolls, so I may cook them up for lunch/dinner.

What did you eat for your last meal?
Mum cooked me some chicken stirfry with rice and a salad. Twas yum, and it's nice having a home cooked meal from mum, even though Dad forgot to tell her I was coming and therefore didn't really cook for me. Sigh, I'm truly loved.

What's the last thing you bought?
Some Malabrigo Worsted yarn from a destash on Ravelry, 3 Twist Collective Buzz bags (one for myself, 2 I dunno, maybe sell off or give as pressies), and some yarn from Knitabulous.

What are you listening to right now?
The traffic from outside and general house mumblings from housemates.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
New York. I seriously can't wait til October.

Which language do you want to learn?
French, because I want to go to France and learn how to make French movies. Even though I'm not a French movie buff.

What do you love most about where you currently live?
Very close to the city, close to pubs and one of the best cafes in Sydney for breakfast, and close to everything I need.

What is your favorite colour?
Red. Then purple, blue, green. I wear a lot of black though.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
This red coat my mother gave me. It's a scarlett red and it's a thick winter coat - I think it's wool and cashmere? Not quite sure, but looks nice and expensive and fancy shmancy.

What were you doing ten years ago?
In year 9 probably being teased by boys, trying to pass my 6th grade piano exam and just getting my braces. I was also holier than thou as I was playing the organ for my church.

Describe your personal style?
When I'm working it's modest, boring and "teacher" like. When I'm not working, it's daggy, and comfy. :D

If you had $300 now, what would you spend it on?
Paying off credit card? Nah, I'd probably go spend it either on yarn or dvds or buying myself and Mark something we'd appreciate. Like nice food.

Where would you go if you had to flee the country for tax evasion?
If the US wasn't in danger, I'd go there. Mainly because of the amount of yarn they have, and the amount of film and theatre they have there too.

What are your favorite films?
Amelie, Love Me If You Dare, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Stranger Than Fiction, Juno.

What inspires you?
Some of the kids I teach, my boyfriend, my knitting community, films and musicals.

Who's work/designs are you inspired by?
Musically: Jason Robert Brown, Bach and Mozart. Film: Michel Gondry, Jason Reitman, Marc Forster. Knitting: Yarn Harlot (blog wise), Ysolda, Brooklyn Tweed

Your favourite books?
Don't really have any... Sadly enough.

Do you collect anything?
Tickets of movies and theatre shows I've seen, and like Miss Fee - yarn and wool?

What makes you follow a blog?
The person (especially if I know them in real life), and people with knitting adventures.

What was the most enjoyable thing you did today?
Sleeping in til 10am. :D It's really the only thing I've done so far.

What's one thing you dream of doing?
Well, I have two - directing an oscar-worthy movie, and owning a yarn store.

The rules:1. Respond and rework; answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add one more question of your own. 2. Tag eight other people.

I'm going to tag people on facebook - that way they will see this. :P

So I lied, and have broken some rules...

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And the vodcast hasn't come up yet. But some things to update:

1) I have a new blog that I'm contributing to with redambition - Operation Awesomeness - read up to know what it's about.

2) WWKIP is happening this weekend - and I shall bring my camera along to that!

3) Uni assignments are so BORING. But am almost finished.

4) I had Maccas for the first time in a while this year. I know I'm so naughty. Won't happen again.

5) Also had a fizzy drink. A Coke Zero. Someone slap me.

6) Diet starts next week when my uni assignments are done.

7) Shall stop procrastinating in 5 minutes... :D


Won a camcorder - JVC 20GB. Sufficient for me. Waiting for it to arrive - hopefully tomorrow, but probably sometime this week.

Await for the Pilot Episode of the Knitting Ness! :D

More inspiration!

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So I've been downloading some podcasts... such as limenviolet, cast on and the knit picks one. I've downloaded more, but some of them were a bit of a drag. Such as the knit picks one. Lime and Violet are entertaining, but half the time they're giggling about stuff which can get a bit much, but generally they're fairly entertaining. Need to listen to some more, but in general I think I like the visual with the audio. If I'm listening to something, I like to listen to music, as there are many elements and levels to that auditaury experience. But there's something about just listening to voice or voices that after a while I'm craving music... Podcasts that last for 15 minutes are fine, the podcasts that last for an hour and 25 minutes - my gawd, how can they do it????

It has inspired me to start a vblog. Like my friend Hein did for a while in his blog (doesn't have any at the moment, because he has been busy with Med Revue which finished just a couple of weeks ago). I want to talk about knitting (of course) and musicals and just something and anything I think is interesting. Don't think it needs to be an hour long, but around a 3-5 minute video like the communitychannel girl. Now, she's an example of an online celebrity. It definitely didn't happen overnight - I believe she worked hard at it. But she's cute, funny, witty and does poke fun of life and their silly topical issues. I haven't seen all her videos, but I've seen quite a bit of them and they're fairly entertaining. She also apparently goes to my uni.

Anyhows, I'm proud of myself at the knitting front - finished 3 WIPs in the last week and a half - a pair of fingerless mittens, a massively long scarf for my housemate and a longneck beer bottle holder knitted out of hemp (read coarse and scratchy as hell) yarn. Currently back on my longways scarf, where I'm knitting garter stitch longways and I'm about halfway through - doing it until the ball of yarn runs out I suppose, and knitted a bit on my knee length socks. Started another project, even though I shouldn't have - I'm kniting a butterfly pi shawl, with my kauni rainbow yarn! I'm very very excited... Just need to upload photos now.

So I am on ebay looking and bidding on cheap camcorders - want to buy one now so I can start the vblogging which I've been contemplating for the past 2-3 months, and have one in time for New York as well. :D Wish me luck!

April - the month of excessive spending. :D

Please note: I had this as a draft for like 2 weeks because I either didn't have time or when I did have time,
I couldn't be bothered... So yah - major update needed!

It's been a while since I blogged - so long that I forgot what I initially was going to talk about.

Easter came and went. My cousins from Dubbo were in town, and I took them out to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3D with my little brother Tony (who's not that little anymore) . It was okay. Celyna had her baptism on Easter Sunday, and she is very cute, and unfortunately the jumper I knitted for her is on the small side, but I shall knit up a dress which will hopefully be appreciated and will not be too small either. Mark got to meet my extended family, including my cousins that are my age (there's my age, and then there's the next level of cousins who are a little younger than Tony's age, so around 8-12 years old and Tony's 14).

Oh yes. My purchases. The multitude of unnecessary purchases. That was what I was initially going to blog about.

The Vintage Fair was held a couple of weeks ago mid April, and may I say that it was awesome! Lots of things in which I look at and go "awwww, want!" but restrained myself. Including a bowler hat! But I did buy 2 hats, a pair of earrings and 2 buttons on the first night (Friday night) when I went with Cecile and Kath, and some fabric when I went on Sunday (final night) with Carylyn.The vintage earrings... Have since replaced the screw on hooks with real hooks

The Purple Hat

The Purple hat from behind

Green hat! :D

After the Vintage Fair on Sunday, I dropped Caryl home after we had a catch up over lunch (sushi trains are awesome!), and went to Leichardt for the 2MBS fm Book and Music Bazaar. Bought Bartok for children, an early 20th century manual on how to be a piano teacher (it seems fairly outdated), and this interesting book on "How to Write a Movie in 21 Days". I'm actually tempted to take 3 weeks of my 6 week school holiday break at the end of the year and see if I can churn out a script! I kinda have an idea in mind - possibly something semi-biographical, but I'll see what happens! I also bought a stack of Broadway Musical recordings that were like $3.50 to $5 each. :D I was one happy camper, and all for a good cause.

I also bought quite a bit of yarn over the weeks. School holiday is dangerous because I end up wasting time online and just buying, buying, buying. Bought some Opal sock yarn, and some Knit Picks sock yarn and a couple of sock knitting books to start the sock addictions that all my other knitting friends have. My friend Birch brought my stuff over from the US since Knit Picks doesn't deliver to Australia, so I actually bought it a couple of weeks ago, but I finally got it after camp. Woot!

But the best part of the holidays was knitting camp over at Mt Keira in Wollongong. C R K Daisy Designs were the hosts of the event at the Scout Camp, and they were all so friendly and hospitible. It was just heaps of fun! I went down with Margarita driving myself, Jane and Lee, and shared a cabin with Kris, Fee, Lyn, Gemma, Kelly and Jody. Met heaps of Ravellers there - and I must admit I don't remember all their names, but they were all so friendly and cool! Lots of gossiping were had, and lots of wine and champagne and wine and alochol and wine.... I got a bit sick at one point. :P

One thing I forgot to do was bring my camera, so I didn't take any photos (and there were quite a few opportune times to take a wanky SLR photo). Participated in the dying workshop and dyed my 14ply yarn I had in my stash cupboard, and did the beanie contest - the quickest person knitted up a beanie in 1 hour and 15 minutes, the next person in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Jody knitted hers in 2 hours, and mine was 2 and a half, which I think is not too bad, considering some finished later on in the night! Played Trivia and I was on the losing team with Donna, which meant that I got lots of free yarn - odd balls here and there, which is fine by me, good to make random stuff with. :D

It was a great weekend away - leaving on the Friday and then coming back on the Sunday afternoon. All it was was knitting. And there wasn't the internet to distract me from the knitting, and I managed to get a bit done, despite my slowness.

And about a week and a half ago I bought my mum's Mother's Day present. I took a bus from uni to the city to go to M&S's SnB, and the bus stopped in front of David Jones. So I thought - might as well buy something for mum. I must have had the "Hmmm, wandering, pondering, I think I may buy a perfume" and got bombarded with 10 different fragrances all at once. Eventually I bought my mother a Hermes gift pack, and bought myself Versace Versences. :D I love perfume, and for me it's an at least once a year indulgence.

To finish off the line of purchases, I won a spinning wheel on eBay. Woo! Need to pick it up now. :D

There was also a point where I got into a sewing frenzy and sewn myself a straight knitting needles case. It has dodgy sewing...

Sew not straight!!!! (Geddit? :P)

And Mark also bought an amp in an attempt to make a voice box for Med Revue - but it didn't quite work. But look what was on the box!

You know it's been cheaply Asian made when the spelling is wrong...

So I was hoping that May would be the month of not spending much - but le sigh, I'm bidding on a clothes dryer on eBay - only because the weather's been so shite I can't do my laundry without the clothes getting rained on 3 days in a row!

Until next time peeps, happy spending! :D And knitting. And procrastinating. And more spending...

When I should be doing uni work...

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I sorted out my stash instead. :D

After a twitter post by missfee who was inspired by jp to count up and sort out their stash, I decided to do the same. Thing is, I haven't entered any of my stash since, well, the very beginnings of my knitting life, and that was around a year ago. And now that it's grown to something fairly big (in the space of a year, my gawd), I thought I might as well organise it, and control it.

So here's the mess while entering the data into my Ravelry Stash page.

I'm yet to take individual photos of each type of yarn - now, that process will be fun, seeing as I'm meant to have 74 types of yarn in my stash. That's around 270 balls/skeins, approx 15 kg and approx 27.618 km of yarn. Quite a bit. But probably not as much as missfee. :P

Tomorrow I'm going to buy ziplock bags and categorise them before I put it back into my stash cupboard. Although, I kinda like leaving them out in the open because sometimes I like feeling my stash. But I am going to at least photograph then organise them, that's for sure.

So I'm guessing the next time I want to buy yarn, I should look at my stash and go - I don't really need to. This does not count the 8kg of yarn I have as inventory for my stall.

Glebe Markets!

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Thanks for those who came by Glebe Markets today! Really appreciate the support and hopefully I've encouraged people that there should be more knitting in this world!

Will be back hopefully over at Kirribilli markets? And if I do come back to Glebe Markets, it may be with someone else helping, who knows? I definitely know that if I'm going to make an appearance, then it won't be until July at Glebe Markets due to teaching on Saturdays...

Still have a fair bit of inventory left, but that's ok - more for everyone else to buy at a later date, right? I made little info leaflets and cards, and my friend Derek helped me do the logo. I thought the cards were really cute, until my housemate Pascal pointed out a stupid mistake.

So see here - the front of the card, all cute and girly!

Excuse the blurriness but it's dark in my room, even with the crappy tungsten light on. :D

And here's the back which failed -

Ravelry was spelt "Raverly" - and seriously, it was fairly late last night when I was doing these (I should've done them earlier, but didn't because I'm stupidly a last minute person). Oh wells, I still liked how the cards turned out. :D A tiny bit cheaper than ordering them, but a little bit more time consuming.

In other news, I've created a wall on my cupboard of stash where I put polaroids of my friends. Remember how I scored a polaroid on eBay? Well I've bought (expensive) film and I've started taking photos of friends... I think its fun and something that I'm looking forward to filling up slowly. Excuse the blurriness again.

And lastly I finally finished my cousin Celyna's jumper. Hope it will still fit her! If not, it shall fit Tigger.

Good Friday...

And I has a widdle cold, so I'm lying in bed, surfing the nets. Wondering whether I should be a good Catholic girl and go to Mass or not - I kinda don't want to, even though the church is 2 minutes walking distance. Seriously, I'm that lazy.

Anyhowsen, thanks to Twitter and Perez Hilton, I came across a website which rated the top 15 Cupcake Bakeries in New York. Have to check it out! So the aim of the trip to NYC is: a) visit a whole heap of yarn stores, b) to watch a whole heap of Broadway shows and c) to eat lots of cupcakes! That's all I should eat, really, whilst I'm there. Cupcakes.

And I've been following a blog Wendy Knits, and she posted a video about the health benefits of Knitting - and this is why the whole world should knit.

I shall have another little nap, see how I feel about going to church, and then I HAVE to do some work... Gar, motivation!

Changes and excitement!

So I fixed my fringe, as you can see on my profile pic... I've made it longer and thicker. Under the advice and guidance of my friend Renata I just snipped it off myself. Man it was scary seeing long strands of my hair in clumps landing in the sink... And that was only my fringe!

Also - am going to New York and San Francisco! Am so excited! Going with my little brother, and we're leaving in October. Will need to book tickets soon for The Little Mermaid and Guys and Dolls on Broadway, and will need to make a list of all the yarn stores that I want to visit. :D

And lastly, I did something fairly out of the blue at work yesterday. It has upset a few people, and has caused a bit of a kerfuffle. But to be honest, I like to make things convenient for myself, and this year is a year for me. I don't always need to make everyone happy, and I don't have to care for everyone either. I think my compassionate, complying and sympathetic nature is maybe going away for a break for the next year or so, and the next few years will be solely about me. It's what I need.

Countdown to the Glebe Markets stall on Easter Saturday - 8 days! Everyone better come! :D Even if you're not a knitting fanatic, just come and say hi. I also hope it doesn't rain...

Here's a sneak preview!

Another week, another challenge...

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So, last week's challenge wasn't so successful. If I count chocolate ice cream into the deal, I spent $9.40 on chocolate last week. That's almost double the amount I was limiting myself to. Oh vell, try again this week!

I should also cut back on spending, but this week there was a sale on at Knit Picks - up to 40% off sock books. They don't ship to Australia, only within the US, but I knew one of my friends (Tom Birch) from San Fran was coming back to Sydney for the Anzac Day long weekend. So taking advantage of the free shipping within the US (if you spend over US$50) and Tom bringing it over when he comes to visit, I spent US$55 on 2 books plus some sock yarn. I just started my first pair of socks, and it's going quite well (although I'm still trying to find out how to not have the holes from where I wrap my stitches when I turn the heel) and thankfully even though the pattern is just basic stocking stitch, the yarn is very pretty, and that keeps me interested!

Also spent $5.50 on an armchair that I bid on eBay...

Well - it costed me more than $5.50 when I count petrol money and the time spent driving there and back (it was all the way out in the Hills district - Beaumont Hills, 45 minutes each way!). I reckon it looks better in real life, and it's quite comfy too! (Am sitting on it right now as I type... :D) It's perfect because I can sit properly whilst I knit instead of knitting on the bed, and I can also sit next to Mark when he's at his table on his computer. All I need to get now is a laptop table, and I'm set.

Oh and talking about buying stuff, when I was buying my text book for a uni class, I bought two Popular Penguin books - Clockwork Orange and Lolita. It's pretty cheap already, and buying it at the UNSW bookshop we get 10% off, so it ended up being $9 each. I hope to do more leisurely reading to kick start my imagination, as well as to possibly improve my (horrid) writing skills. I find that academic journals and articles are sometimes a bit dry, even though I should employ their writing techniques moreso than fiction novels. But being the arty-farty wanky me, I prefer something with an interesting narrative. Have started a bit of Clockwork Orange, and must admit even though it's kinda novella size, it's still a bit of a challenge to read as the language used is slightly cryptic - lots of slang used by Alex, the main dude, and therefore slows the process down a bit as I try to decipher what he's talking about half the time! I know it's the language that is used in the movie, which I remember but not extremely clearly, but having the images you can guess pretty quickly what he's on about, as opposed to having to re-read the paragraph to get the context of what he's trying to say. Sometimes movies do do half the work for you, as you don't necessarily have to "imagine" the protaganist's world, but I guess that's the magic about reading a novel - YOU get to conjure up the images the way YOU think it should be and really no one will judge you. As a movie director of a film based on a novel, if the image you try to recreate does not meet up to the standard of, say, a hardcore fan's expectations, you're just a sucker for punishment... :D

And I've been learning a bit of guitar too! Mark, of course, is teaching me a bit here and there. I now know how to do 2 octaves of the G major scale, and I'm going to try learning a few chords next week. Am trying to practice my picking and also keeping my fingers closer to the frets. I scored this acoustic guitar from freecycle, and even though it's not fantastic - far from it actually, it's good to learn on before I invest in a better than crap guitar.

This week's challenge? To detox my system. It has a lot of gunk. I'm going to try and be as healthy as possible, and also try to exercise everyday again as well. Have made a list of things to do, so that's another challenge - cross off everything on that list! :D

Until next week, smile everybody!

My new baby cousin!

Hello Celyna Tran! :D

(In case you haven't guessed, it's a baby girl!)

Which completes the ideal family of six in the Tran household - my aunt Linh and my uncle Nhan (the proud parents), and the kids Nathan, Trudy and Corey. Can't wait to see Celyna when she's in town over Easter... :D They live in Dubbo, so I don't get to see them that often.

Photographic Update 2

So there is more...

In terms of buying things, I also bought more things such as a Ravelry Project bag that I've been using since it landed in my hands thanks to Kris

And I've started quite a few projects here and there... One of my friends requested a beer cozy for a long neck after I told him that I bought hemp yarn from a yarn store and haven't quite decided what I should knit with it...

It really shouldn't take long, but I discovered that this hemp yarn is in fact quite course and it hurts the fingers after a while, which kinda slows down the process.

I also started on a feather and fan scarf for my boss Rachel, who's birthday was actually 2-3 weeks ago at the end of February... Has a few mistakes, but hopefully she doesn't notice!

I was inspired by the people knitting at the M&S Stitch and Bitch sessions to knit a pair of socks. My first attempt failed BADLY because I decided to start with a fairly tricky cable pattern which enabled me to make heaps of mistakes after I thought it would be fine. So I decided to do a simple toe-up stocking stitch pattern, and I'm also hoping that it'll be knee-length - depends if the yardage of this yarn allows...

And one night I remembered that my aunt in Dubbo is pregnant, so I thought I would knit my new cousin a little jumper. She's apparently going to be born around Easter time, or probably even now... I should give her a call soon. But I did this all in 2-3 hours about a month ago, and haven't touched it since...

And Daddy's birthday was a good month and a half ago, yet I still haven't finished the first piece! It's the back I'm currently doing, so hopefully I'll finish it sometime soon. I'm knitting it up with some Patons Wool Tweed DK, and it's actually looking kinda nice, despite the few mistakes at the bottom when I was still figuring out the pattern - couldn't be bothered frogging it back, so hopefully Dad won't notice that either!

We have a friend residing in our balcony. Don't know what to call her, but she's massive. Doesn't look it in the picture, but she's huge, and her web is also quite big. Any suggestions as to what to name her? Click on the pic to enlarge her, but be warned that the photo is quite blurry...

And last but not least is the BESTEST THING EVER! One of my very close friends Cecile went to the US of A recently to get away from it all, and when she went to Disneyland, she brought back for me a LITTLE ARIEL! And her Little Flounder makes bubble-under-the-sea noises, and it's just sooooo cute! Also bought be back a Playbill from NYC, which I hope to go in October this year to actually SEE the production!

And yah, to update on my weekly challenges? Not that great. Haven't been going for runs because I've been just too tired and flat out with teaching and uni and Bombshells, which is now over. But I have been maintaining my fruit a day, and staying away from soft drinks since my one slip up with that can of Diet Coke. Haven't had Maccas since, and have been trying really hard to knit at least an hour a day... Haven't really knited for an hour today, but will do after finishing this blog entry. :D

This week's challenge? I'm only allowed to buy $5 worth of chocolate a week for the next 4 weeks at least. Today I already bought $4.40, and consumed half of it (Hershey's Cookies and Cream is soooooo good), so I should save the rest for extreme emergencies and I shouldn't buy any more this week. I thought up this challenge after I bought the chocolate going "Wow, 2 bars of chocolate and it costs $4.40 already... Chocolate can be expensive, maybe I should cut back a bit..." I know, I know, I can't believe I thought that either.