I think the reason why I didn't sleep properly the other night was because I didn't eat enough meat. Because of what's happening lately, I've been eating not extremely well and lots of junk, ie nothing much of any nutritional value. Especially Sunday - had next to no meat at all. Had some chicken nuggets, but really, is that truly real meat?

Last night I went to Churrasco with my friend George, and had an abundance of meat to last me at least 2-3 days. Last night was such a really good, deep sleep compared to Sunday night. Sunday night after 2 days of no decent amount of meat (had a bit at Fee's birthday, but I mainly gorged on the sweets provided there), I was shivering. I thought it was because I had one less person in my room, but I think it's also due to the fact that I hadn't eaten properly and just eating carbs was probably quite a bit of a factor there.

This has convinced me not to be vegetarian. Sorry for those who are vegetarians out there, but I won't be doing so at least over winter.

Does anyone else think the same?

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hehehe... i am a die hard veggie so you can guess what I am going to say ;o)


Hey, that's right by my office! Haven't been there yet.

I'll agree with you. I have a major weakness for carbs, but they just don't make me feel good. I can eat an entire bowl of spaghetti and then be ravenous again an hour later. I think it's an insulin reaction or something. And if I eat pasta for lunch, I just feel horrible and sleepy and bloated all afternoon. So for the past couple of weeks I've been eating fairly low carb, concentrating more on protein, dairy, and loads of green veggies. I've dropped a couple kilos, and I think it does make me feel better. I can lend you some books on it if you like.



Since meat takes days to digest, I find it makes me feel really sluggish and vile. And since there is nothing in it that can't be had from another ingredient, I don't bother.

If you think you are low in protein, I have some great lentil recipes, and if it's Iron you need, I can fix you up there too :)