Pilot Episode of Video Blog

Hey y'all!

Ignore my incessant "umms" and my rising inflexions, here is my first ever episode of my knitting video blog!

It took me a while to put this up due to rendering problems and then my episode being too long... Garr!

WWKIP interviews will be the next episode, so stay tuned!

Please be aware that lighting and camera equipment were stolen by the money fairies, so I only had the minimum requirement to make this possible - sunlight, room light and a camcorder from eBay. :D

Feel free to leave comments or email me at knittingness(at)gmail.com

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It was so good! I watched it on the iPhone in bed last night. (For some reason it froze before the last two minutes; will have to try it again.) Rodd was in the bathroom and couldn't figure out what I was giggling at. I was very, very impressed with the production quality. Loved the transitions and putting the urls up on the screen, etc. I also think you're a natural on screen, Ness! You had a lot of personality and charm that came through, which I imagine would be so hard just talking at a camera. I'm going to blog it right now... :)


I came here via Sally's blog. Your video blog was great! Very charming. I hope you keep it up.