Glebe Markets!

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Today (18th July) I'm going to try my luck getting a stall at Glebe Markets... Due to personal distractions, I was slightly unorganised and did not book a casual stall in time this time.

BUUUT! I shall be posting on Ravelry and I'll try to post here if I'm successful.

So if you get this in time, come by my stall!

See you then. :D

Pilot Episode of Video Blog

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Hey y'all!

Ignore my incessant "umms" and my rising inflexions, here is my first ever episode of my knitting video blog!

It took me a while to put this up due to rendering problems and then my episode being too long... Garr!

WWKIP interviews will be the next episode, so stay tuned!

Please be aware that lighting and camera equipment were stolen by the money fairies, so I only had the minimum requirement to make this possible - sunlight, room light and a camcorder from eBay. :D

Feel free to leave comments or email me at knittingness(at)


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I think the reason why I didn't sleep properly the other night was because I didn't eat enough meat. Because of what's happening lately, I've been eating not extremely well and lots of junk, ie nothing much of any nutritional value. Especially Sunday - had next to no meat at all. Had some chicken nuggets, but really, is that truly real meat?

Last night I went to Churrasco with my friend George, and had an abundance of meat to last me at least 2-3 days. Last night was such a really good, deep sleep compared to Sunday night. Sunday night after 2 days of no decent amount of meat (had a bit at Fee's birthday, but I mainly gorged on the sweets provided there), I was shivering. I thought it was because I had one less person in my room, but I think it's also due to the fact that I hadn't eaten properly and just eating carbs was probably quite a bit of a factor there.

This has convinced me not to be vegetarian. Sorry for those who are vegetarians out there, but I won't be doing so at least over winter.

Does anyone else think the same?


So yah, lots of changes are happening at the moment. It's like fate was getting bored and decided to like turn everything around and stuffs.

Dad bought me my new laptop which came with a free wireless colour printer - that's pretty cool. It's a Toshiba Satellite Pro, and it has 250GB memory, a web camera and apparently Dolby Sound speakers.

It's coming to an end with working for one of my bosses - last week of teaching in her schools before I have to surrender all my keys and what not. Saying goodbye to the little kiddies that I've been teaching for the past 4-5 months, some for the past 2 and a half years... eeeeep.

Had a NIDA interview for the Open Director's course. I think I got in, basically due to the fact that only 14 people showed up, and roughly 14/15 positions are available. Didn't get to speak as much as some others, but hey, I guess that's a good thing because they didn't need to get much out of me to find out what I'm like.

I promise my video blog will come up soon - just need to transfer all my data across from my old laptop and start editing. I also need to redo my first episode because I umm'd and ahhh'd a lot. And I was quite sniffly

And remember how I blogged about scary spider on my balcony? Well, she's dead... I think due to the rough winds and the cold weather, she was slowly dying because the last time I saw her before she died her web was all dusty with a couple of gaps here and there, and she was hanging on with just the one leg. Poor thing...

Maybe this signifies a change. Lots of things are happening around me that requires a level of adjustment, and this once scary spider will now rest in peace, I can now be able to go onto my balcony without the fear of the spider leaping off from her web onto me and biting me. Not that it would. But yah, I need to stop reading into things too much and overanalysing things...

Bye scary spider, hello balcony. Bye old broken laptop, hellow new wonderful laptop (although it has Vista...). Bye old job, hello new job. And hello to focusing on myself. :D

No longer there...

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Woken up by a dream just then. Well, I heard my housemates coming home from going out tonight and that woke me up. It's now 4.42am. Don't really want to go back to sleep.

Yesterday was a horrible day for me, because everything seemed to go wrong. It started with not purchasing the Britney Tickets at the time I was supposed to, thinking it was another time. I eventually did buy the tickets, and they're fairly good, but I could've gotten better....

Then a stupid cock-up at work on my part, which costed us not only money but time and unnecessary stress at such a crucial time of the year.

That lead me to find out something I kinda sensed would happen but did not want to happen. This devastated me the most, I guess.

Then coming home to check my email, and receiving one from my father who seemed upset.

So I cried myself to sleep. And had a dream which just reflected what happened if I overanalyse it and look at it metaphorically. If the dream was any indication of what's to come, then I really shouldn't get my hopes up and basically try to move on as soon as I can.

I'm really busy tomorrow, so hopefully I shall be able to distract myself for a period of time. Life, when it's good, is awesome. When it sucks, it sucks big time.

Sorry for such an emo post, and having had not posted for quite some time, this ain't a great one to start it off again.