The story of Red Rock Deli Chips.

So when I was at the petrol station to refuel my car, I walked past the chips aisle which had 2 packets of 90g Red Rock Deli Chips for $5. Since I was a bit hungry, I did a very compulsive thing and bought the Honey Soy Chicken and Sea Salt flavours.

I thought maybe I won't eat dinner, seeing as I chowed through the Honey Soy one pretty quickly on the drive home. I was feeling gluttonous and started on the Sea Salt when I caught something that I thought was misleading.

First of all it said "75% less saturated fat". 75% less than what? Other chips with saturated fat? Didn't quite explain.

But the second one that really irked me was that it said it was "7% of your daily intake per serve". And I was like - woohoo! Only 7%!!! Then I thought - I'll check how many servings the package has. And lo and behold, each package had an estimated 3.2 servings.

I didn't eat all of Sea Salt, and I actually threw it out, but I think I had approximately 4 servings of chips. That means I just had 28-30% of my recommended daily intake. That was like a whole meal. And I totally am not that full from it. I do however feel a bit sick after finding out...

So even though I would eat them anyway because they taste good, they don't have to make us feel good about it. We KNOW what tastes that good is not going to be healthy.

I guess the moral of this story is always read the fine print - nothing is ever as good as it sounds. :D

10 Things I Did Last Night/This Morning (another night that ended at 4am)...

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Wore my lego necklace. It's red in a heart shape, with a yellow cross in the middle. I bought it the same time Georgina bought her Scrabble "G" ring at Glebe Markets.

Bought the new Regina Spektor and La Roux abulms. I heard Laroux the other night when I went to go Laser Tag at Darling Harbour with a couple of friends, and I was told off for not knowing La Roux... And Regina Spektor's music is featured in the movie I saw, which was -

500 Days of Summer. It was an awesome movie, and I fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt all over again. Zooey Deschanel is also very very cute and pretty. But it kinda proved my theory that you don't really move on from someone until you meet a particular someone else.

We went to Dendy Newtown to see the movie, and they allow alcohol in the theatre. I had a glass of red wine, and I left it in the drink holder in between the seats. My friend Kim and I were talking about something and he accidentally knocked my wine over into my seat and onto my clothes... So he nicely bought me another one. So you think I'd be thinking "Yay! 1 and a half drinks! Woohoo!!!" and that I'd be uber careful with the 2nd drink, but no, I knocked that one too JUST before the movie starts, and I missed the first couple of minutes of the movie (came in during the opening credits). So I spilt 2 glasses of red wine, which ended up being equivalent to just the one after spillage, but by golly goash did I feel like a klutz.

Thanks to Rosie, I had a Jam Donut. At first I thought she was talking about the actual donut, until she mentioned the word "shot" in the same sentence. And it was totally sweet, and quite nice!

Had a couple of Deep and Meaningfuls...

Gambled two dollars on the Pokies at Bar Broadway. The most I won was like 50 cents which I gambled away anyways.

Mixed my drinks. I had red wine, champagne and vodka. I'm surprisingly all okay.

Found some Zoolander magnets that my housemate had on the fridge, and it prompted a 3am session of the movie. Lots of Blue Steel...

And finally - ya mama.