Changes and excitement!

So I fixed my fringe, as you can see on my profile pic... I've made it longer and thicker. Under the advice and guidance of my friend Renata I just snipped it off myself. Man it was scary seeing long strands of my hair in clumps landing in the sink... And that was only my fringe!

Also - am going to New York and San Francisco! Am so excited! Going with my little brother, and we're leaving in October. Will need to book tickets soon for The Little Mermaid and Guys and Dolls on Broadway, and will need to make a list of all the yarn stores that I want to visit. :D

And lastly, I did something fairly out of the blue at work yesterday. It has upset a few people, and has caused a bit of a kerfuffle. But to be honest, I like to make things convenient for myself, and this year is a year for me. I don't always need to make everyone happy, and I don't have to care for everyone either. I think my compassionate, complying and sympathetic nature is maybe going away for a break for the next year or so, and the next few years will be solely about me. It's what I need.

Countdown to the Glebe Markets stall on Easter Saturday - 8 days! Everyone better come! :D Even if you're not a knitting fanatic, just come and say hi. I also hope it doesn't rain...

Here's a sneak preview!