When I should be doing uni work...

I sorted out my stash instead. :D

After a twitter post by missfee who was inspired by jp to count up and sort out their stash, I decided to do the same. Thing is, I haven't entered any of my stash since, well, the very beginnings of my knitting life, and that was around a year ago. And now that it's grown to something fairly big (in the space of a year, my gawd), I thought I might as well organise it, and control it.

So here's the mess while entering the data into my Ravelry Stash page.

I'm yet to take individual photos of each type of yarn - now, that process will be fun, seeing as I'm meant to have 74 types of yarn in my stash. That's around 270 balls/skeins, approx 15 kg and approx 27.618 km of yarn. Quite a bit. But probably not as much as missfee. :P

Tomorrow I'm going to buy ziplock bags and categorise them before I put it back into my stash cupboard. Although, I kinda like leaving them out in the open because sometimes I like feeling my stash. But I am going to at least photograph then organise them, that's for sure.

So I'm guessing the next time I want to buy yarn, I should look at my stash and go - I don't really need to. This does not count the 8kg of yarn I have as inventory for my stall.

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hmmmm yarn.
It is fun to sort through but a huge task.

Breathe and repeat after me. I am a knitter and I need stash!

Ruby Girl

It is good to have a lot of stash and with so much variety. Nice to meet you at camp over the weekend. It was so much fun.