Glebe Markets!

Thanks for those who came by Glebe Markets today! Really appreciate the support and hopefully I've encouraged people that there should be more knitting in this world!

Will be back hopefully over at Kirribilli markets? And if I do come back to Glebe Markets, it may be with someone else helping, who knows? I definitely know that if I'm going to make an appearance, then it won't be until July at Glebe Markets due to teaching on Saturdays...

Still have a fair bit of inventory left, but that's ok - more for everyone else to buy at a later date, right? I made little info leaflets and cards, and my friend Derek helped me do the logo. I thought the cards were really cute, until my housemate Pascal pointed out a stupid mistake.

So see here - the front of the card, all cute and girly!

Excuse the blurriness but it's dark in my room, even with the crappy tungsten light on. :D

And here's the back which failed -

Ravelry was spelt "Raverly" - and seriously, it was fairly late last night when I was doing these (I should've done them earlier, but didn't because I'm stupidly a last minute person). Oh wells, I still liked how the cards turned out. :D A tiny bit cheaper than ordering them, but a little bit more time consuming.

In other news, I've created a wall on my cupboard of stash where I put polaroids of my friends. Remember how I scored a polaroid on eBay? Well I've bought (expensive) film and I've started taking photos of friends... I think its fun and something that I'm looking forward to filling up slowly. Excuse the blurriness again.

And lastly I finally finished my cousin Celyna's jumper. Hope it will still fit her! If not, it shall fit Tigger.

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Carylyn Lim

that is so cute!


Hi Knitness! Finally came across your blog. Should have picked up a card when I saw you at the markets!! Aren't polaroids fun? I picked up one at a garage sale and my heart stopped a beat when I went to buy film for it!!