Tribute to Oscar

It was love at first sight -
Your gorgeous round face and big, bright eyes.
You started talking, I was engaged,
You had a way of capturing people's attention.

A sociable one, approaching people and making them feel loved,
But not one for being egotistical or too proud.
You knew you were handsome, yet you weren't one to flaunt,
Instead you would freely share your affection.

You were loyal towards me until the very end,
Following me and waiting for me.
Your concerns when I came home late,
Sitting (im)patiently at the end of the hallway
Or on my bed - the stare from you was priceless!

I will miss your playfullness,
Your talkative times and your headbutts.
Our cuddles will be reminisced
And the lazy times where we'd chill out in bed.

Although brief, our time together was awesome.
You've made an impression not only on me
But on others whom you have met along the way.
Be good, Oscar... Remember me as the one
Who gave you that tartan collar
And lots of love, kisses and headbutts.

I'll miss you Oscar!!!! I hope to meet another cat just like you. Hugs and kisses from afar!