Last weekend was one of the most fun but most bizarre weekends ever, as a couple of things happened that I had least expected. That is, not everything went to plan.

HOWEVER, I now have a new brainchild. I was so excited by it on Monday night that I didn't sleep until 1am. I'm starting to calm down about it, but I was just telling all my closest friends and everything. I love being inspired, and I love having projects in mind. Difference is whether I actually fulfil them or not. I feel as though next year is the year of huge projects, and I'm going to go through at least the two I have in mind.

Sorry for being vague, but I am tres excited!

In other news, I'm trying to get back into normal life... Or at least start a new routine. Have joined a gym last week, so I should utilise that ASAP otherwise it's another waste of moneys. Have quite a few social events this week that I'm looking forward to, and this weekend looks like a huge weekend coming up as well! A dinner party, a picnic, another party, a show maybe, and then Britney's concert on Monday. Yes, I'm going to see Britney mime. :D

I'm just totally excited about life now! It's the greatest feeling, really.

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I'm going to Britney too! But on Thursday night. I'll be too far up the back to see her mime!!