I Heart America

And after New York and San Fran, I'm thinking I'm happy to move here for a while. I dunno whether I would bring up a family here, because I'd like my kids to be near my parents (or at least in the same country), but for my career I really need to be in the States.

San Francisco has a couple of friends living here, and they all seem so happy. Or at least successful... One friend is working at Ernst and Young, and another at Apple, and they seem so happy! San Fran is a pretty city despite the hills (and the weather - slept in this morning because it was raining and we couldn't do anything in the rain), and the houses are pretty. However New York has this exciting buzz to it that I just really really loved.

I'm scared of facing all the work I need to do once I get back to Sydney... Sigh. It'll all be done in a week I'm sure, but still scared!

I'm already planning my next trip - I'm hoping to go to Londontown. And possibly a couple of other places in Europe. Hope to save up enough money to get some specials or early bird tickets sometime next year... And maybe a detour back to New York if I have the time and monies!!! Sigh... Just have to keep on fantasising, it keeps me sane. :D

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NYC is a pretty amazing place to live in. And I HEARTILY recommend raising children near your family, as it is immensely difficult to do so otherwise.