San Francisco...

A very different vibe. It's definitely awesome, with the insane amount of restaurants and arty stores, and the pace - very very relaxed. Definitely opposite to New York. And oh my, the amount of hills! You wouldn't have to get a gym membership if you had to walk everywhere here. Just walk a couple of hills a day and I think you'll lose weight almost instantly.

We went on a City Tour today, seeing as we only have 2 days here, and it's pretty awesome that you can go a couple of blocks and it changes continents - from Chinatown to Little Italy to something South American.

It's a pity that it's a bit overcast, and apparently it's going to be raining tonight and windy tomorrow... Hopefully that won't get in the way of things!

Starting to stress about uni work, and the amount of stuff I have to do when I get there... Sigh. But I've planned it all out and made notes about it all. :D Hopefully I'll be organised and stick to it!