Back and unprepared

Back home from my travels. I fail at blogtoberfest, as I definitely haven't been blogging every single day. Even though it's great to be home, I'm now back to reality and the responsibilities that face me for the next couple of weeks at least.

I has a new foster cat. I've named him Oscar, and he's really chatty. And currently really smelly because he just recently gotten desexed, and his body is still trying to get used to the whole "no more testerone" thing. But he's adorable... :D

And in other news my recital is this Thursday. Totally and thoroughly unprepared. Am trying to practice heaps, but yah, the motivation is no longer there. I have 5 more days of heaps of practice and hopefully I'll get there. Apparently I can. I just need to work really hard. Sigh. And then my degree will be OVER!