The Land of Excess

New York is a city of billboards, and the city of almost everything. Nevertheless, I love it here, and seeing theatre makes me want to stay in New York forever and ever.

Tonight I saw "Next to Normal", another Tony award winning musical. Got Partial View tickets for $36.50, which I thought were still fairly cheap. I missed out on the general rush tickets, as I should've stood in line at 10am to get some. Tomorrow I'm going to wait in line at 9.30am for student rush tickets to see "A Steady Rain", which has Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in it. Both Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in the same theatre and live??? How can I miss such an opportunity!

Thursday Ysolda Teague will be at WEBS, which apparently is only a couple of hours away on the train from New York. I dunno whether I wanna do the trek out in the evening to catch her or not, and it also means I sacrifice another evening of theatre. She'll be at WEBS from 6pm I think and only for an hour and a half, so I'm torn whether I should go see a musical that night, or make the journey out to a huge huge huge yarn store. Sigh... The choices!

Tomorrow we were hoping to go to Central Park, but it started raining. I was hoping to hire a couple of bikes and bike ride around, but maybe I should wait until Thursday seeing as that's a better day to go bike riding.

Sigh - I would move to New York in a heart beat, really.

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OMG - if you do go see Ysolda that would be fab!! Following you on your NY adventures!!


i vote ysolda and give her a hug from me

WEBSSSSSSSSS how could you not go to webs


If you see Hugh's play, remember to turn off your mobile phone! :P