Waiting... Foolishly...

I did the ultimate stupid thing this morning.

A couple of days ago I thought I'd be organised and book in a shuttle bus to the airport. I asked for 7.35am because I read my flight as 10.35am. And how I was wrong.

My flight was actually at 7.25am, and 10.35 was the time on my old itinerary where I would've ARRIVED at San Fran.

On my new itinerary we would've arrived there at 11am, so we would've had had half a day to go around sight seeing and stuff, but alas we've spent this opportunity to miss a flight due to my stupidity and spend possibly 12 hours waiting around for a free seat on the flight. We've been waiting around since 8.30am waiting for flights every 2-3 hours, being on the stand-by list and just hoping we'll be on the next flight. I really hope we're on the next flight at 5.30, but obviously people aren't as stupid as me.

I guess the reason why I made this mistake is because this is the first time that I'm pretty responsible for the whole trip. I don't have my parents nagging at me, and they're usually very particular about things, and I'm not part of any tour where other people would also check things and we'd keep eachother in line. I have my little brother, and even though he's 14 he's still fairly dependent, and I didn't expect him to go ahead and double check papers for me or anything.

So here I am, in JFK Airport NY, waiting for a flight to San Fran. At least it's not a flight home, just kicking myself because I've now lost a full day of travelling and sight seeing. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise - it's allowing us to do nothing and have a rest. Would just prefer to do it without the added stress about whether we're going to be on the next flight or whether we have to figure out a place to go to tonight if we don't get in. Apparently, and fingers crossed, we'll be leaving at 7.30pm the latest.

Oh and to add to the time wastage, all my knitting is in my suitcase which are now checked-in, also waiting in stand-by I guess. Just scared about the whole knitting confiscation that I thought I'd play it safe and leave it in my checked-in luggage. Sigh.

I hate being stranded.