So I massively fail...

At Blogtoberfest.

Although it's been a busy 2 days... Friday was spent running around chasing up things whilst trying to finish an assessment which wasn't successful.

Then Dad found out about my credit card debt and took my credit card away from me. :(

There's a saying in Vietnamese... "Cha may" (spelling a bit iffy) which literally translates to "Your Dad". Thing is, Dad said it. To me. When he was looking over my last credit card bill statement. I found it hilarious. Those who have hung around me a bit know that sometimes I like to use the catch phrase "Your Mum"... "Cha may" has a bit of a different ring to it, and also a different purpose, but it's kinda similar to "your mum"... kinda.

So I leave on a plane at 1450. To New York. Then San Fran. Yay! Although a bit stressed about the work that lies ahead when I get back, but I'm going to try and forget about it and not worry about a thing.

Here's to the US of A.