In the heights...

So today we visted a couple of places, and I shall post up photos later when I'm less tired... It's currently 4.30am and I've stayed up to finish a paper that was due last Friday... 5 days late equals to 10% off, but hey, it's finished, right?

In summary Tony and I went to:

  • M&Ms store - lots and lots of M&Ms in different colours!
  • NBC Studios, home to Saturday Night Live
  • Magnolia Bakery, and
  • Watched In the Heights - an awesome musical.
The musical inspired me to finish my damn assignment and not be burdened with guilt. The show gave me the fuzzies in which awesome musical theatre always give me, and how I want to be part of it one day by being a director. That made me go "Damn, I want to fucking pass this Bachelor of Music and move onto my next chapter of my so-called career".

But I shall leave you with this video of a busker playing the most awesome instrument in the world - the keytar!

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Hooray for handing in your paper! And M&M shop? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Great work finishing your paper - now enjoy yourself without the guilt!