Who needs a label anyway?

People like to categorise things as it makes it easier to define and identify.

I was recently asked whether I was bi. I don't know really, I do think I'm probably more straight and possibly bi-curious, but I have the theory that if I'm attracted to someone, I'm attracted to someone, whether that person is a he or she. So far they have currently been mostly boys, but I have fallen for a girl or two in the past.

And then I have friends who are in complicated relationships - between the fine line of something that is "casual" to actually "going out", and the impact the title brings to the relationship can definitely strain it. I've been in a situation similar to that before, and the confusion it brings can cause definite heart ache and self doubt. But the pressure to have a relationship at a certain level can make having a relationship really tiring and just no fun. And right now all I'm up for is fun, even if it would confuse other people.

Which makes me think about the word "marriage". My understanding of marriage is that it is a union between two people recognised by the state/nation/whatever. The cliche is that people get married and "settle down", but I don't necessarily see that. I see marriage as a proclaimation between two people wanting to stay with eachother for the rest of their lives. Or until the divorce. People argue that you can still have a relationship without a marriage, but I think marriage can still be important as a legal thing and just a celebration of a couple being a couple.

But then - why say I believe in marriage, but also believe that labels are over rated at times? Isn't being married a label in itself? I guess. But I see marriage as a level of relationship - like if we start from being acquaintances, to friends, to lovers, to a married couple, and all the stuff in between.

I probably overthink too much and non-sensically whilst really tired from little sleep, but hey, I like to share my messy thoughts sometime.