Knitting mojo - where art thou?

Is it because I've been busy? I love knitting, and it's something that I can do with my hands other than creating music. I was told it waxes and wanes but yah, I have projects to finish! I've disappointed a swap partner right now, and I have been quite busy as of late, but still!

I've also been meaning to put up another episode of my knitting video blog - but it's like 2 months overdue right now... Sigh.

And uni is slowly creeping up with its responsibilities. Another sigh.

I also have like tons of social engagements - which really, I shouldn't complain. But I haven't been this social in a very long time. Monday has become my weekend more so than any other day (even though I work on Monday).

Also a dear friend of mine, LynS, is celebrating her birthday today. I wish her much happiness and knitting joy as she celebrates yet another awesome year on earth. She's a wonderful, inspiring woman, and I enjoy her company whenever we knit together. Happy Birthday, Lyn! :D