More inspiration!

So I've been downloading some podcasts... such as limenviolet, cast on and the knit picks one. I've downloaded more, but some of them were a bit of a drag. Such as the knit picks one. Lime and Violet are entertaining, but half the time they're giggling about stuff which can get a bit much, but generally they're fairly entertaining. Need to listen to some more, but in general I think I like the visual with the audio. If I'm listening to something, I like to listen to music, as there are many elements and levels to that auditaury experience. But there's something about just listening to voice or voices that after a while I'm craving music... Podcasts that last for 15 minutes are fine, the podcasts that last for an hour and 25 minutes - my gawd, how can they do it????

It has inspired me to start a vblog. Like my friend Hein did for a while in his blog (doesn't have any at the moment, because he has been busy with Med Revue which finished just a couple of weeks ago). I want to talk about knitting (of course) and musicals and just something and anything I think is interesting. Don't think it needs to be an hour long, but around a 3-5 minute video like the communitychannel girl. Now, she's an example of an online celebrity. It definitely didn't happen overnight - I believe she worked hard at it. But she's cute, funny, witty and does poke fun of life and their silly topical issues. I haven't seen all her videos, but I've seen quite a bit of them and they're fairly entertaining. She also apparently goes to my uni.

Anyhows, I'm proud of myself at the knitting front - finished 3 WIPs in the last week and a half - a pair of fingerless mittens, a massively long scarf for my housemate and a longneck beer bottle holder knitted out of hemp (read coarse and scratchy as hell) yarn. Currently back on my longways scarf, where I'm knitting garter stitch longways and I'm about halfway through - doing it until the ball of yarn runs out I suppose, and knitted a bit on my knee length socks. Started another project, even though I shouldn't have - I'm kniting a butterfly pi shawl, with my kauni rainbow yarn! I'm very very excited... Just need to upload photos now.

So I am on ebay looking and bidding on cheap camcorders - want to buy one now so I can start the vblogging which I've been contemplating for the past 2-3 months, and have one in time for New York as well. :D Wish me luck!

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Huge Yay/Round of Applause for the FO's especially the scarf as I know how long you have been working on it.


Try listening to Stash and Burn. They are the better duo out there. They stay on topic, and sound like two friend talking about all the stuff we love to knit and look at. They're good! Agree re Knit Picks and L&V too.