Just came back from the Blue Mountains with Mark a few hours ago, and we had such an awesome time over the weekend... Just relaxing and fun and carefree.

We left on Saturday afternoon after my usual morning teaching (my boss was a bit antsy and wouldn't let me take the final Saturday of term off), and got to our place we were staying in about 2 hours... We stayed at this very cute studio cottage called "Tricklebeck Cottage" in Blackheath, and it was quite private and just really pleasant. It had a spa, and we definitely took advantage of that...

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent just lazing around the cottage, and then going out for dinner. Sunday morning we slept in, then had a late breakfast and drove around to Echo Point. We strolled over to the Three Sisters, and then went for some wine tasting and bought a few bottles of wine. Then we visited the Blue Mountains Chocolate place nearby, and bought some chocolate and had some "real hot chocolate" - basically melted chocolate... oh it was just all too much! It had this really cool fondue thing with a spoon that doubled up as a straw and yah, really cool. Went back to the cottage, relaxed a bit with some cheese and wine, and then went out to dinner again.

Sunday we booked to go horse riding in the mountains, and we both agreed that we're totally not morning people. Horse riding is surprisingly sore for someone who doesn't do it often - my legs and butt had quite a bit of a workout! Anyways, it was such a lovely day, and the horses we had were lovely, and we spent a good 2 hours just strolling along on horseback, admiring the mountains. By the time we finished, we were hungry, and so Mark thought it'd be a great idea to go and have lunch in Mt Tomah, where there is a huge botanical garden and apparently really good food - which we didn't end up having because they decided to shut the restaurant that day. So we drove down to Bilpin and had some scones, pie and apple pie there. It was a pleasant drive, and for once it's awesome being in the passenger's seat.

After Bilpin, I wanted to venture down to the tearooms in Megalong Valley, and driving down the windy road was fun! :D We had more tea and scones, and just chilled out for a bit. I drove the way up, and we decided to finally utilise the spa... Chocolate, cheese, wine and a spa bath with heaps of bubbles made the afternoon totally awesome!

After the spa, we were kinda hungry, and finally we were able to get into this Italian restaurant nearby because the nights before were too busy or booked out. It was such lovely affordable food, and I got a wee tipsy because we've been having wine all afternoon and had another glass for dinner.

And we basically talked all night... It was - I dunno how to describe it, but yah, we established that we're totally comfortable with each other and that we love each other very very much, and hence the smittenness... I'm just totally happy and glowing, and I am thankful to have found such a wonderful person to share my life with... And we feel the same way about each other, it's quite amusing! :D

I wonder when this honeymoon period is about to end... Because I really don't want it to end at all. This is what I've wanted for quite sometime, and I feel extremely lucky to have found Mark and that he has found me...