I obviously should be doing my assignments... I found out about an assignment today that is due tomorrow, but fortunately enough it's something I can do in a short amount of time... hence the reason why I'm not doing it right now.

That 2000 word assignment due 2 weeks ago - still haven't handed it in. Will make it into 1500ish words instead and hopefully hand it in tomorrow. It's currently sitting at 1200ish words now, at least, so only a few hundred more words and I'm done like roast chicken.

Got a free tv - as if I need more procrastination tools. So I bought a digital set top box and a very cheap small dvd player, and connected it in. But the set top box doesn't work - why? Because it needs an antenna... duh. I'm such a ditz when it comes to situations like these. At least I connected the dvd player properly - that's definitely working.

Mark has been relatively busy in between show (which I see him anyways) and uni work - and I felt sorry for him yesterday when the night before he pulled an all nighter, and was just extremely tired the following day. I would never be able to do that... I would at least sleep for 2-3 hours even if I have to hand it in that day. For me now, though, I just sleep and not bother waking up and hand in assignments 2 weeks late instead of on time. Gah. I've finally broken one of the rules I had this year in regards to class - hand every assignment in time.

Oh and I'm very very excited about going to the Blue Mountains on the long weekend - we've booked ourselves a cottage and we're going to spend a whole 2-3 days together without worrying about whether we need to do this assignment or attend this rehearsal or mark these papers and what not. It'd be extremely nice, and very couplish... I haven't done this before, and I'm looking forward to it muchly... Photos will definitely be posted here when I come back!

CSE Revue is a bit crazy, but it's so much fun! Only 3 more shows to go... Then I won't be seeing my boy every single night. Oh well, I'll be seeing him anyways in the evenings most probably after work or something. I really adore him... if you haven't noticed!

*sigh* Should finish off my assignment now... Wish me luck!