I kinda missed blogging...

There's something about typing about one's self that makes a great pass time... And yay, first sentence in and you already know that I'm lazy and a huge procrastinator!

I deleted my multiply account because I felt obliged to write an entry every so often, and when I did, it would be quite boring or just a whole heap of whinging. Don't get me wrong, I'll still whinge on this blog, but I have happier things to talk about now!

Anyhow, sometimes blogging has its advantages: friends who haven't seen you in a while can still update themselves with what's going on in your life, although the downside of that is sometimes there's not much left to say when you actually see them up front. But we all live busy lives (or at least I do for some periods of the year) and I just don't get to see so-and-so and so-and-so... Hopefully those so-and-sos will come across my blog and they'll be updated in the life of Ness!

Quick update:

1) I'm no longer single... Or officially single anyhow (those who know me well would have heard about the quasi relationship I had beforehand). His name is Mark and he's my favourite person in the world at the moment! I absolutely adore him, and he's just so cute and lovely and smart and considerate... I haven't felt strongly for a boy in a while - or maybe even ever! I sometimes think no, I shouldn't compare, but when I do, so far I don't remember being this happy in the beginning of a relationship compared to all the other relationships I've had previously. For once I told my parents about him and it wasn't a problem, and they seemed as though they genuinely want to meet him and see why I'm happy.

So relationship wise, it's been great. I can't help but smile heaps whenever I think of him, and how lucky I am to have found such a great guy to be with... *smitten*

2) Still studying after all these years... I should have graduated by now with a double degree if I were a diligent student. But I'm not. Also, it doesn't really help when you're not entirely clear of what you wanna do. Currently deferring UNSW and am at JMC doing Music Business Management... And to be honest, I miss UNSW. When I was at UNSW I was whinging and complaining (what's new?) about how it's very wanky and I'm studying subjects that I know I don't need in the next 5 years or so. Then transferring to JMC Academy, it made me appreciate academia. Standards at JMC aren't too high, and most of the things they teach are quite straight forward. So I'm thinking, leave this year with a Diploma instead of staying for the full 3 years for the degree, and go back to UNSW to finish my BMus and graduate. Hopefully then, I could possibly try and do Masters in Arts management over at UTS, or just go to work. Who knows what's going to happen in the next 2 years or so.

3) My family are cool... My parents still nag that I should do this and do that and that they're slightly disappointed with me, you know, the whole Asian shpeil. But they still love me - they still take care of me, they still take me out for dinners and let me join in on family holidays, and if I need their help they still give it to me. And from time they even ask for my help, and if I can I'm always willing to, because I appreciate them despite some of the things they say and do. They're family, and going against your own family says something about yourself.

My little brother is growing up! Well, I guess that's inevitable, but it was only yesterday when he was a cute, chubby toddler running around with curly hair and just being adorable. Now he's my height and talking about computer games and how girls should chase him, not the other way around... Tony is still adorable, and I do hope he grows up to be a great person. He can be considerate and kind, and I hope that part of his personality will stay as he goes through puberty and what not. Although my mother said something really disturbing last night - she wanted my little brother to stay at home when he gets married, and Dad and I automatically went "No!". That was a bit awkward - I mean, I thought marriage meant you live with your partner and create your own household. I would be disturbed if my mother was hanging around... Mum's rationale was so that Tony can save up money for a house if he wanted to. I'm like - at that stage, if he's married he'd probably have some sort of financial security and therefore would be able to afford a mortgage. I think my mum is afraid of being alone... but at least Dad and I were at the same wavelength - when Tony gets married, he can do whatever he wants. Although I'd be terribly shocked if Tony does decide to stay at home when he gets married....

4) Shows do take over your life sometimes. I'm currently doing CSE Revue, and they're such a lovely bunch of people... Well, that's where I met Mark - through band for the revue (which makes Mark even sexier because he plays a musical instrument - guitar, in fact). I have been having fun vocal directing, taking photos and playing keys again, and meeting a whole heap of new people as well as hanging out with a few familiars... My social circle has just increased twofold, and it's just a whole heap of fun. I still love my NUTS friends, and the Studio Four peeps, but I get restless, and I sometimes like meeting new people for the sake of meeting new people, and CSE Revue has given me that opportunity. Great friendships are going to blossom from this experience, and for that I'm glad. I'm also glad that I was able to get a romantic (and musical) hook up out of it as well!

5) Teaching little kiddies can be fun, but I know I won't be doing it forever. Although yesterday when I was teaching one of my students were sneezing and he was so adorable! Teaching sometimes makes me clucky, and want kids, but I know I don't want any anytime soon. I like this job because it pays relatively well, and is good for part-time work whilst stuyding, so I'm not fussed...

I think that's all for now, it's a relatively long entry about blah, but hopefully soon I'll write something profound.