Two minutes before 3am, and so far I've only written 150 words on top of the 500 I already had for a 2000 word assignment that's due technically today. Don't think I'll finish it at all...

Despite the fact I'm genuinely happy and everything, there have been a few disappointments here and there... and I think being that time of the month and stuff, I feel that it's adding emotion to the drama that doesn't necessarily need to be there.

But the happy stuff... Lemme see. Mark wants to take me away after CSE Revue, to go for a drive along the Great Ocean Road, and be all coupley and stuff. I'm so excited! I hope it happens and I'd be ten excited once Mark thinks about it all... Although I feel sorry for him because he's inundated with uni work, and spending time with me doesn't really help.

One of the cast members of CSE made up the term "Vanecessary", which I find quite amusing... I wonder if I can change this blog's address to this name??? I would so love to! Kudos to Sammy for thinking that! Although, he sometimes uses it to mock me... "Is it really Vanecessary?"

I'm quite tired, and I'm only at the 720 word mark with this 2000 word report... Apparently it doesn't have to be 2000 so I might even just say that it's half way... I aim to write roughly 1500, if I do more, then yay.

For now, I shall have a nap. Let's see if I can wake up tomorrow morning and finish it in 2-3 hours, hand it in and then go to do some rehearsals and stuff and have just a general busy night. I'm excited!