This weekend has been quite the Mark weekend - been spending a lot of time with him, and it's awesome!

Many aspects made the weekend quite the awesome weekend with my baby... First of all, his parents went camping over the weekend because of long weekend APEC, and so Mark invited me to come over and hang out for at least one night (ended up being all three nights) so he could cook me breakfast... :D So he's cooked me breakfast two mornings in a row, plus dinner on Saturday night, and will cook me breakfast tomorrow morning apparently as well... woohoo!

Mark driving me everywhere is also quite the novelty... It's been a while since I was able to just sit in a car and not worry about parking and speeding and traffic lights. And it also makes 40 minute car drives seem a bit shorter because we have eachother's company and conversation to make time pass by quickly.

But there was one golden moment of the weekend, and this moment is quite priceless...

Mark and James (Douglass, drummer of CSE Band) had to meet up a little bit earlier before today's tech run to grab some guitar leads for the show, so Mark and I picked him up on the way to Allans in Alexandria. Whilst they were drooling over the different guitars and drums after getting the leads they needed, Mark walked over to the amps section and found an amp he's been looking for for a while - a small, retro, re-released Fender Champion amp, a model that was made in the 60s or something, and once Mark played a guitar through that amp he instantly wanted it... Whilst contemplating whether to purchase this amp or not, Mark says:
"It's like the Ness version of an amp: Little and Awesome!"
So James walked away laughing, probably thinking how corny and cheesy that line was, and romantic in an odd way, and I just laughed for a very very very long time... Never before have I been compared to an amp, and I dunno whether it's a flattering thing or not - but Mark definitely made it into some sort of flattery! And despite all the laughing and giggling, I'm sure I was blushing on the inside....

Anyhow, I'm currently in his bedroom on my laptop, typing up this blog as I speak... I haven't been smitten like this in such an incredibly long time, and I'm having such fun with Mark - I absolutely adore him. For his birthday recently, I got him a bunch of Happy Birthday balloons and one big huge helium red guitar balloon (if you haven't figured out, he plays guitar) plus 13 little cupcakes, each having a candle spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY... and drove to his place and surprised him. Apparently, I impressed his parents, and his sister likes me already despite the fact she's in Sweden (I talked to her over the phone, it was kinda weird but pleasant).

So this is my selfish entry about how I love Mark and how I'm over the moon and just absolutely head over heels... So happy right now, it's ridiculous. :D