A Midnight Post

Have been sick lately, and last week I caught the cold, and then it transferred into tonsilitis... it's been quite uncomfortable to swallow and sore, and the sinuses aren't helping much with it either. Currently taking penicillin to get over it, apparently the tonsilitis was quite bad.

I'm feeling better than this morning, when I woke up to heavy stomach pains from taking pills on an empty stomach. Naughty me! But the cramps existed for about an hour until it subsided after I ate some bread despite the fact I wasn't hungry. But after the doctor's appointment I went home and stayed in bed all afternoon feeling sick and ew. My sinuses now feel a bit clearer, but I'm still getting headaches and my throat is still a bit sore, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Up the road there's this house party of 50-60 year olds dancing to a cover band singing songs like "Pretty Woman", "Stand By Your Man", "Blue Suede Shoes" and other classic rock tunes. I was walking past whilst on my way to satisfy my midnight cravings with a kebab, and I wondered whether it would be cool to gatecrash this party? I'm sure I'll have no trouble fitting in with the oldies!!! :D

Talking about kebabs, I just had half of a kebab for the first time in a very long while. It wasn't that great, because the meat was a bit overcooked and dried out, so it scratched my throat a bit. But yah, I miss pigging out on unnecessary foods - not that I've really stopped, but being sick for the past few days, you don't really feel like eating much. Or when you do grab a whole heap of food, you don't feel like it anymore halfway through. I even gave chocolates away the other day, instead of keeping it all to myself and consuming it on the way home... Quite proud of that achievement!

And a few hours ago I got to talk to Mark online for an hour and a bit. Goash I miss him so much. We're the sappiest couple ever, I reckon, and we always say how we miss each other and love each other and never to be apart ever again! I'm counting the days - 4ish more days left and he'll be saying hallo and greeting me at the airport. I absolutely adore him and he's my everything at the moment, and I do hope we never ever lose each other.

Christmas is around the corner - meaning my bank account is going down. Sigh, I need to control my savings a lot better... But I've gotten half the Christmas pressies so far, just need to wait to get paid again so that I can go for some more Christmas present shopping.

Hope everyone is well, as opposed to me, and I love you Marky baby if you're reading... xxoo!

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hehe i love fooding
i love those kebab shops that has plutopop or fried chicken
omg i'm hungry now