I should know that having a blog that's public that I should be aware of the potential readers.

My little brother found it via facebook, and then showed the previous entry to my dad, and to my horror I found that slightly embarrassing.

Also, I recently changed the name of my blog, and so the old address has links to "live web cams", and two of my friends have notified me about it... :D

Soooooooo I dunno what to do. Should I make this more of a knitting blog? There are plenty out there, and I still consider quite a newbie to knitting even though I've done it for a while. I wouldn't mind making it a knitting blog, but that requires pictures and in depth knowledge of knitting - so maybe not.

Or maybe I'll just write about things in general, like I always do. Things mundane like I've finished uni for the session, so now I can relax and sleep in. I'm only teaching now, and even that is going to be over soon. Oh and updating that I'm musical directing Man of La Mancha through NUTS on UNSW campus, and I'm pretty excited - I have to recruit an orchestra of 16 people, and I've got 2 thirds so far. To conduct an orchestra is going to be exciting! I've always been the one playing piano, as opposed to conducting, so this will be different. Musical directing behind a keyboard is sometimes pretty hard.

And my boy is famous on youtube! :D Well, not really, but his video has almost 20,000 views or something. Check out some of the stupid comments, or just watch the video below... He's the red head that looks "serious" in the video. :D

When he told me that his team won the Artemis competition, he was so happy and ecstatic... Now that he's back home, he's studying for exams and writing up his thesis - he doesn't seem as happy and ecstatic. But I love him lots! :D And I'm very proud of him.

Anyhow, I have nothing else to update that's interesting, so until next time, enjoy the webcams!

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OMG DO NOT KNITIFY THIS BLOG.. let alone u knitting while we msn or talk about knitting stuffs
u've turned into a yarn of knittles
OMG what have the knitgod done to u
please keep ur blog the 'nessy' way as it is
so that i'll get to read what's more right
and if i should be worried about my blog, i'm sure EVERYONE would hate me by now wahahahahaa
i stay true to my theme.. life without a backspace and i've never pressed that while i blogged

so stay true to urs, woman...
and i hope u don't knit while we rehearse tomorrow or on stage LOL

love u ness WAHAHHA