All Marks are lovely. :D

I was having a conversation with Amy and Kim, two cast members of Man of La Mancha that I am currently musical directing. As per usual I talk about my boy Mark, and Kim mistakes Mark for Mark Mitchell at the Performance Unit at UNSW... So I went - uhhh, no, my boyfriend Mark. :D Amy then says "Awww, but Mark Mitchell is lovely. All Marks are lovely!" Obviously I concurred.

Then the following day I went for a check up for a UTI that didn't quite go away. The doctor I had was named Mark and he was also lovely. He was the first male doctor to have seemed cared without being condescending and he was just really really nice. I felt quite comfortable with him, unlike a previous doctor I had where it just didn't feel right with him. You may ask "don't you have a regular doctor?" And I do, her name is Dr Peter, but she's always fully booked and I tend to go to the one that is least busy on the day at the Broadway practice, now that the Glebe one is no longer open (which is sad... I liked Glebe medical practice).

So this just confirmed Amy's comment on how all Mark's a lovely. I know a Mark (named Mark Bradley) who always seems to be friendly and chilled, even at the most stressed times, and as my Mark says the whole building around him could be tumbling down, but Mark Bradley will still be calm and cool about things.

Today was the last official day for teaching. But I'm still teaching over the holidays. A few students want to do catch up lessons here and there, and I kinda don't mind, but it's just not a complete break. I'm also working in Dad's office in the first week because he's off skiing with my little brother. I must admit, Dad needs the break... So in a sense I don't mind coming in, just that it leaves only to one week for relaxing.

So I'm going to try and finish some of my knitting. :D

Hope you're all well!