What am I up to these days?

Seriously, I've been busy, but I just don't know whether I have the effort to explain it all.

I feel as though I'm growing more sensitive to people's bad moods and snappy behaviour. I used to brush it off and go "Well, I'll try not to be like them and not do the same, don't take it to heart and just move on", but when people do that I automatically just want to hide. For a while at least. I do get over it. But I just feel a bit more sensitive in general these days.

I've also been wanting to be less social these days too. Like - I love my close friends, and I miss them, like Hein I haven't seen for a while (I've seen him at social gatherings but we haven't caught up one on one in ages), and my high school friends Regina and Dong Yi, and I don't mind having personal catch ups, but big social groups I'm feeling less inclined to be around.

I think it's because I'm doing so much rehearsal, and I've started teaching a lot more as well, so I have about 50 or so students that I see a week, plus a cast of 20 that I see at least once a week with an Orchestra of 10, and another cast of 30 that I bump into... I just feel like I want to stay home and just be myself and not do much.

Staying at home I like to knit. I should catch up on my readings for class today... but I feel like knitting after my blog. I'm currently in this game called Death by Hat, but I'm sure I'm going to be one of the first ones to get out... I haven't even started my hat yet, and some people have finished over the weekend when I didn't even have the chance to check the forums for which pattern I had to use. Death by Hat is where you get a victim, and you knit them a hat. If you receive a hat, that means you are "killed" and therefore if you're still half-way through your hat, you send it back to your killer, and the killer finishes it off for the victim you were assigned to. The idea is to be a fairly quick knitter, and also to be lucky enough not to be killed. Last one standing gets recognition... I don't know if there is an official prize. But the awesome thing about Death by Hat is that everyone gets a knitted hat in the process. Which is a nice and challenging game, one of which I'm losing big time. :D

And soon we have the Ravelympics, where you start a project when the Olympics start, and finish it by the time the Olympics end. It's not a race per se, but if you finish it, you get a point for your team, and it's the amount of finished objects a team can get throughout the Ravelympics. You also get an online badge to put on your blog to say that you participated in it. So I'm looking forward to starting that when I have the time - if I have the time!

Talking about time, I've been asked to be rehearsal pianist for a school production over at Rosebank again. That means $$$! This starts in Term 4, which will be awesome because I hope that by then my uni studies will be over. And this will carry into Term 1 next year. I'm not too crash hot on the choice of the musical (The Wiz... I slept through the end of the movie...) but hey, more musical theatre experience even if it's at a high school.

So uni has started, I'm now doing 18 hours of teaching as opposed to the 10 I had earlier in the year, and I'm currently doing 2 shows. I currently have only 1 day free, and in the next few weeks I'll be busy as. Hopefully I can get a balance of everything... Come to think of it, I haven't seen my parents in a while, should probably go visit them.

So come see Man of La Mancha and CSE Revue - ask me for more deets if you're interested. :D

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