Things are getting done... kinda

Man of La Mancha opens tomorrow night. I'm hoping everything will turn out well - we had an intensive 6 hour rehearsal (with 2 hours prior figuring things out and bumming around a bit) which helped solidify things a bit, and unfortunately we didn't get to rehearse with cast that much, but that's ok. Once Man of La Mancha opens on Tuesday, hopefully most of my job is over and I can relax and just ease into things at uni.

Surprisingly I got the hat done for Death by Hat about a week ago and sent it off.

And surprise surprise! I'm the top two who are still alive!!!! I thought I would've been dead by now, but no, I'm still going. I'm waiting to either be killed with a hat, or another project to finish off.

On Saturday I went to see Dralion - it was awesome! I absolutely loved the theatrics and the acrobatics and the dancing and the juggling and the ACTING as well are just all breathtaking! I recommend everyone to go see it, as Cirque du Soleil may be expensive but it's worth it every time. And now I've conned my parents into seeing Phantom of the Opera soon.

Right now I'm just really lazy to do things. I wanna do things, but I don't. I will soon I guess. Tonight is dress run and so I'm just going to laze it up before I have to teach this afternoon and then be on my toes for the rest of the night.