Being sick sucks

And I'm not extremely sick or anything, but having a cold for like the 50th time this year sucks. It's like Mark and I play sick tag throughout the whole year, and the late nights, poor diets, shows, weather and everyone around us being sniffly and sick too doesn't help.

(<---- That's me being miserable and wah. :P)

And having things to do like uni assignments, teaching little kids on a Saturday morning and conducting an orchestra doesn't really help. I just wanna sleep all day, and if I'm awake I wanna lie in bed just knitting and watching a movie or something. My health is just lame at the moment, and it doesn't help that when you go to the docs all they say is "bed rest and you will be fine"... But doc - I do have bed rest, but I never fully get over it! C'mon... gimme some drugs!

In other news I've finally got hatted. :D Frog from Perth (that's her name on Ravelry and the Woolaholics forum) hatted me, and I'm like nooooooo! I haven't even had a chance to receive my unfinished hat to make into a killer hat yet! So I either blame Australia Post for being lame, or other people not being prompt enough with their hat deliveries...
So Thanks Frog for the lovely hat! And it was a fun game... I came second place, so that's awesome! :D

Sorry for the crappy quality photos - couldn't be bothered using my proper camera, just used my phone camera. Not that it really matters, but yah. I'm sick and tired of being just that - sick and tired. I want to be healthy Ness! *sigh*

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awww ur wah pic est tres cute


I Ness,

I think that is the hat i started as you were my PV! Hope it fits okay, I was "killed" on the Monday, so i was out really early.

Well done on second place, it was a fun game. Will be interesting to see what the next "death by" will be :)