Compliments, Affirmations and Apologies...

Like many people, I don't receive compliments too well. I sometimes say thanks, or I mainly degrade myself and go "nah, I'm (insert negative comment here) ". Although, I also admit that I don't give out compliments too much. When I work with people, sometimes I forget to tell them that they're doing an awesome job, or that I appreciate their work, so I've been trying to do so recently by thanking people heaps... Dunno whether it's enough but anyways.

I also have noticed that my Markyboo compliments me and tells me he loves me all the time. It's like when we don't really have anything to say, but he wants to say something, he'll go "You're cute, and little, and cute, and I love you!" No one has ever said those things so many times in a day as he has ever. I obviously tell him that he's handsome and lovable and all that too, but this is also the first time I've done it to anyone. To this extent anyways... I dunno - am I the only odd one here that finds it hard to compliment loved ones?

Anyhow... I got a drunken message from one of my best mates Hein, saying that he loves me and thanked me for putting up with all his shite especially in the last few weeks whilst he felt cynical and bitter about the world (and men in general, which I don't blame him for). I felt loved and appreciated, and for a best friend to say that to me randomly, I felt blessed. So I messaged him back this morning saying I feel the same, and even though I do, it felt contrived in a sense only because I'm trying to reciprocate what Hein said to me... Which is what I kinda do with Mark as well... :S

Then oddly enough, this morning I got another phone call - this time from my old high school friend Dong Yi. She, myself and Regina (another high school friend) caught up yesterday over Yum Cha, and it was really nice to see them again. So when she called me it was kinda out of the blue, and she went "Hey, I used to call you fat in high school, didn't I?" "Uh... I dunno, maybe you did. I was a bit chubby, so yah, I didn't really care." Then she goes "That's not nice. I'm sorry." So yah... random apology from a good friend of mine - which I also appreciate, but still, random.

So I guess I should be more appreciative of people around me, and just be nice. :D Back to do some knitting I guess. It's been hibernating for quite some time.