Family happenings and non-happenings

So, I got a phone call from my mother this morning. She said she's going into the hospital on Friday to check what's wrong with her. She's been pretty sick for the past month, and last week she fainted in the bathroom and Dad got her to Bankstown Hospital. They said they couldn't find anything except for an ulcer in her oesophagus, so she was sent home and was told that if she still feels pain she should go to a specialist - which she did. So I'm coming home tomorrow to help her with some paperwork because she wants to have things taken care of just in case she needs to stay in hospital.

Mum also mentioned about how Grandpa on Dad's side is dying. He too was in hospital, but he was sent home saying that he's pretty much ready to die. How horrible is that? I would prefer a quick death, personally. But Mum said that Dad's waiting on Mum's results on Friday before Dad would go anywhere... Also Dad needs to organise his business so that it could take care of itself for a while so that he could at least attend the funeral over in Vietnam. All this sadness... And I know that when Dad gets over there for the funeral, it'll be more than just a funeral, it'll be a time where his relatives (distant and immediate) will ask him for more money. I feel sorry for Dad at the moment...

And then Tony calls me this morning and RICKROLLS me! He called me from the home phone, so it could be either Mum or Dad or Tony himself, and when I pick up I get the infamous song that has made an internet phenomenon. It kinda lightened up the day for me after a bit of worry from my family.

Anyhows - I should stop procrastinating on the internets and do something productive - like uni essays! Woot!