Laptop out of action

The power supply for my laptop has died, and now I can't access everything straight away on the intertron. I have to wait for Mark to finish something, or for Mark not to be home to use his computer and check my email and update myself on what I usually read every morning without fail. :S So now it's the first morning where I've been able to have the computer for more than 5 minutes, and I'm finally up to date 2 hours later...

On the up side, I have done a lot more knitting. Haven't finished that essay and probably never will... I need a power supply soon though because I need to mock up an e-flyer for my teaching's end of year concert, and I need my photoshop to do all that. Sigh.

But it goes to show how much time I spend on the internet - I'm going to try and tone it down a bit I guess, and get more things done, even if it's just knitting and doing things around the house - that reminds me, need to do my laundry. I guess I'll start it now.

I really have nothing exciting to tell except for the knitting projects I have finished for a recent swap on Ravelry. More details later I guess - once I get my computer up and running again.

Oh well - off to do some housework and get myself cleaned and organised and make a few phonecalls. I wonder if anyone really reads my blog (besides you Hein... :P) Would like to update my layout and personalise it a bit more - anyone able to help me on that?

Oooo I hear my boyfriend is back from his guitar lesson... Better look productive!

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*cough cough* I read it knitness!

regards wooliewombat