There's nothing like Christmas...

Christmas started with an all traditional Midnight Mass. Went to St Brendan's back home in Bankstown, and it was a nice mass, bumping into old friends and seeing lots of unfamiliar faces... Dragged Mark along, and he felt a bit out of place, and it was a bit foreign to him, but I appreciated the fact that he came to keep me happy. :D

So I met Mark's extended family on Christmas day for lunch - they all seem really lovely! :D And I also finally got to meet Mark's sister Linda, who came over to visit from Sweden. She's absolutely lovely and got me awesome pressies! I got a little Fairy cookbook to make things for my students, and Pam (Mark's mum) got me heaps of baking utensils, like an awesome red rolling pin, a pink spatula/spoon thing, some confetti and candles and cupcakes... Oh and Linda also got me a very very cute apron! And some loose leaf gold - REAL edible gold! Maybe I should make something for my own little birthday party!

Then I also went to my parent's house and we had a BBQ. Big day for eating, may I say! Tony, Dad and I had fun cooking on their new BBQ (it's huge!) and the lamb and beef were very very nice. I ordered some head phones for Tony on Ebay, and they haven't arrived yet, so I'm sure he'll receive it soon.

And today, Boxing Day, I treated myself for Christmas! Boxing Day sales meant shopping for me - got some Bills cook books, The Ultimate Travel Book from Lonely Planet having info on every single country in the world, the "softies" and "more softies" toy books, two sheridan bath towels (one red for me, one blue for Mark), and a Mundial Knife Block set. All in all, I'm totally happy with the purchases!

Mark promised me knitting stuffs, so I aksed him tomorrow whether we can pop in quickly into Morris and Sons and get me a knit picks interchangable set... Dunno whether to get Options or Harmony, but I think I may opt for the Options because I like slick. :D

Here's to another Christmas - this year was actually quite nice, and I had fun giving presents as much as I received presents... Next year I'll be more organised with my knitting and people will actually get their knit presents on time... :D