Happy New Year!

Yah I know, it was like more than a month ago, and I've been slack. So sorry about that.

Going to try and at least blog once a week - weekly updates. For a while I thought I may do a Vblog like one of my best friends, but I decided nah, I like typing more so than having to buy a video camera and edit and all that.

So due to the holidays I've gotten chubbier. Chubbier than chubbier... It's annoying. So I've decided to make weekly challenges for myself. Last week was no more McDonalds! I used to have (and this was my guilty pleasure) a Maccas breakfast on the way to Saturday teaching. But now I'm going to stop that habit and have no Maccas at all for at least the rest of the year, no matter how hungry or convenient it is!

My second challenge for this week was no soft drinks. Even though I had one on Monday (a diet coke, and it was free), I said no more for the rest of the week. So so far, despite the many cravings I had, I didn't have any since Monday night! :D

I'm going to make that every Monday I'm going to give myself another challenge. Like I thought today maybe my next challenge would be to take the stairs or walk as much as possible. So if there are escalators but a set of stairs right next to it, or a lift and some stairs right next to it (granted it's not 15 levels high), then I'm going to use the stairs instead of the lift/escalator. Thing is, I don't go out that much so I think that may be an easy challenge. So I probably have to have an additional challenge to it, like a serving of fruit each day or something.

Today I got my car serviced, so I decided to spend the day hanging out in the city, as the VW shuttle bus dropped me off at Town Hall, and will be picking me up soon at 4pm at Town Hall. I hung out a bit with Hein, and I got to experience his work for an hour! :D It was fun, and even though I love teaching, retail is really not as bad as I remembered it to be. Maybe because my luck with retail wasn't that great, and I had mean bosses and managers with control issues, but yah, Hein seemed to have fun at his work and I one day would like to own a knitting store and make it as fun as that! :D

Anyhows, I was in the underground QVB part, and I hadn't had breakfast yet and was hungry, so I went to the German bakery (I forgot the name). I was standing waiting to be served, and as soon as the person before me left I made a motion that I was next, and the woman behind the counter went straight for the other dude who came after me! I was like - what the hell? Granted he was probably a regular and he was kinda cute, but he wasn't THAT cute. The woman was nice and warm and cheerful to the guy, and then when she served me next, which she took her time for (because after serving him she went off to do something and clearly didn't care about serving me), it was fake and abrupt. So yah, I thought maybe she had a thing for the "regular" guy, so that annoyed me. Makes me wonder whether people are just naturally flirtatious or something that they favour the opposite sex or whatever, it just irks me that you would favour someone just because they're male (if you're a female that is). Soooooooo annoying. Anyhows, I enjoyed my tomato and boccini with pesto sauce roll, but that woman tampered the whole experience. If that roll was really shite it would've guaranteed me not to go back there, but alas, the roll was great yums.

I've been in the middle of so many knitting projects, I haven't finished any! Oh, I finished one, and that was a birthday present for my boyfriend's mum. She seemed to like it - it was a knitting bag. I need to finish dad's vest, and I also need to finish my housemate's scarf. And start on a friend's beanie, and another friend's pair of arm warmers, and a bikini for another friend, and a cardigan for my boyfriend, and three vests for a fashion designer. Sigh. This is all too much. Why do I promise to knit things when I myself can't knit that fast???? And I keep buying wool unnecessarily, but I guess that's just part of being an arty crafty person - having "stash". :D

So I'll make more of an effort to update my blog, I'm actually going to try and revamp the look of the site somehow. I'll figure something out. :D