A fellow knitter on Ravelry has a daughter Ayla who has Polymicrogyria. Because Ayla needs to go to a special Steiner school to take care of her and accept her lovingly, her mother Melissa is trying to raise funds to make this happen. This is a quote from her first post on Ravelry telling her story:

I am looking for a little help from anyone who would like to give. My daughter Ayla has a motor impairment which means she is unable to crawl, walk or talk. She is 3 years old and currently charms her way through life. Mummy (that’s me) has just been informed that in order for her to go to school with her friends she will need a full-time teacher aide at a cost of $22000 per year. As the school is independent there is very little government funding available to her so it will have to be fundraised. I am putting together a crafting pool called Craft for a Cause where everyone who joins is emailed a selection of craft patterns at the beginning of every season. Each member creates one or more masterpiece/s from the patterns, donating both their time and the materials needed to complete the project and sends the finished piece to me to be sold at market stalls (and if this gets big enough an online shop on Etsy!). Money raised will go into an investment account in the hopes of generating more $$ to help us pay for Ayla’s ‘inclusive’ education.

I myself have not knitted anything yet, but I believe Ayla is one little girl out of many in the world that needs our help. I soon will knit something (once I get the other knitting out of the way) but I encourage everyone else to have a look at the Etsy store Craft4aCause that Melissa has set up. :D