So much for a challenge, eh?

Well last week's challenge of a) jogging every day and b) knitting for an hour a day didn't quite work. There was at least one or two days where I didn't knit, and there was at least 3 or 4 days where I didn't jog? Sigh... Procrastination much.

So this week's challenge is to uphold last week's challenge for one more week.

Uni is starting again soon, and I'm kinda nervous about it all! Need to focus on getting things done.... GAR!

And Bombshells is a show that I've been musical directing which is in it's production week. And now I'm also playing the piano for it, so lots of things I need to do this week!

On top of that I'm organising a stall at Glebe Markets to sell yarn, and hopefully I'll be able to grab a stall and have some yarn to sell! :D

Should go and knit now - lots of knitting to do. Need to knit 3 vests in a week!