No self control....

I have no self control sometimes... The other night I was so tired and stressed out and feeling sorry for myself that I caved in and had a soft drink. Not that having a soft drink is bad for you, but the whole no-soft-drink-for-the-rest-of-the-year thing didn't work. But you know, sometimes you have your one lapsed moment, and then you pick yourself up again and try harder.

I also haven't gone for a run in ages. Ages as in about a week and a bit. Too lazy. Although I've been trying to eat less in general and I still am maintaining and losing a bit of weight. But I'm still eating junk. Lots of chocolate, and chips. I can't live without chocolate, even if it's a small bite each day - Chocolate is part of my staple diet. But I think I can live without chips.

So this week's effort of a challenge will be no chips. No twisties, no hot chips, cheezles, nadda.

And also to knit heaps. Have so many projects going on at the one time... It's crazy!

Have also been hand carding fleece that I bought about a year ago, and the fleece is really pretty and soft. Going to see if I can try spinning it with my spindle later, but I have 1kg to go through - I think I've only gone through like 50 grams so far? It's going to take forever, but I'm persistent!

Oh - and I've organised a stall at Glebe Markets for the Easter weekend - Saturday 11th April. Those who knit should come by and check it out! If not, come by and say hi anyways... :D