Ness' knitting money tin

I'm going to buy a money tin tomorrow and label it "Ness' knitting money" and put all my coins in there. When it becomes full of coins, it shall be used to buy yarn.

This will hopefully stop me from impulse buying yarn all the time, and go - if I'm going to spend all that money, I may as well put it in the tin. Then it'll make me think twice and then I shall not buy anything. Well, hopefully. I could be wrong.

I had a candle holder that I doubled up as a mini-change bowl, and I found out in the space of 5-6 months I accumulated around $50 worth of change. That's like 5 balls of quality yarn, or 3 balls of top quality yarn. Or a bag of bargain yarn.

This time around, I think I'm going to use the change to fund for a dinner Mark is going to cook with friends, and to pay for entry to see a gig that our housemate is having this Thursday at the Annandale.

Talking about gigs, I bought tickets to go see Wayne Brady, of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" fame. It's in May... So excited! And Tim Minchin is coming up soon too... :D

Need to focus. This week's challenge - a bit of a cheat - to maintain what I have so far. Also to finish all my knitting. Grrrrr.... Too much to do, so little time!