I'm on a group called Freecycle and a lady made an offer of knitting/crochet patterns and quilting magazines. I immediately jumped for the knitting patterns, and I did say I wasn't too keen on the quilting magazines, but I'd take them if she can't sort them. The lady was very nice to have sorted the magazines out for me, and this is the amount of knitting patterns I have:

Haven't been through the whole thing, but have heaps of Patons, Cleckheaton and other ACS publications, as well as Rowan, Filatura di Crosa and Jo Sharp. Lots and lots to go through, although I think I won't be knitting all of them anytime soon. For me it'll be a matter of inspiration if nothing else!

Now stuck with a head cold, and I'm not totally happy. A student of mine came in with a runny nose, and that really really sucked. From there I knew I was going to catch it, and guess what? I did the following day. The wonders of teaching, really.

Other than that, I'm pretty happy and set in everything. Must admit the exercise challenge for the week ain't quite happening every day but it did happen twice at least out of 4 days... :D If I feel better tomorrow morning I may try to jog tomorrow.