Of crafty things to do:
  1. Finish Dad's vest.
  2. Finish my newly born cousin's jumper.
  3. Finish the 3 vests that are due in March
  4. Finish a friend's scarf for her birthday this week
  5. Start on a hat for my housemate Nic
  6. Finish my housemate Pascal's scarf for April
  7. Decoupage my (knitting) money box
  8. Knit a beer cozy for James
  9. Knit a present for George's 21st
  10. Knit Cecile's skirt that was meant to be done last year
  11. Finish Mum's blanket
  12. Knit Mark's cardigan
  13. Knit my jacket in time for winter sometime soon!
Of general things:
  1. Re-enrol into uni
  2. Pay off credit card
  3. Save money for a trip overseas
  4. Lose at least 6 kg this year
  5. No more shows this year (after Bombshells)
My challenges so far:
  1. No more Maccas
  2. No more soft drinks
  3. Eat a piece of fruit each day
This week's challenge (and seeing as I didn't have one last week, I'm having 2 this week):
  1. Walk/Jog every day for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Knit for at least an hour a day
Sigh - so many things to do. So little time to do them.