Finally finished a knitting project!!!!

I still need to do the finishing touches, eg weaving in the ends and blocking them, but THEY'RE FINALLY DONE!!!!

And this is not for me!

This is for a swap project that ended almost a year ago. All my knitting friends who were part of this sock swap finished for their partners AGES ago. However, my poor unfortunate swap partner is having to wait UNTIL NOW (or at least another couple of days whilst I block the socks and send it to her in a package) to get these socks...

Just to prove that I did TWO socks, not one. :D

Life got in the way, as per usual, and then I lost my knitting mojo. So for months it has been sitting in the pile of WIPs where I only did a row or two every couple of weeks.

Fortunately enough, for the past couple of weeks my knitting mojo came back. I think it's due to a) the amount of spare time I have now that I'm not doing any shows or doing any study whatsoever, and b) the weather.

And now that I've successfully finished one project for the first time this year, I'm going to try and finish all the projects in my WIP pile before I cast on another one. I'm giving myself a "cast-on ban", and even though I'm itching to start brand new projects, I still have projects such as a vest for my dad that was due last year in February, a beret for my friend's 21st that was last September and a lace project with the rainbow Kauni yarn that is especially for me.

But for now, I'm going to be incredibly happy that I've cast off the first project in AGES since losing and then regaining my knitting mojo. :D

Sock smiley :)


PS: The photos were taken on my iPhone because I was too lazy to get out my digital SLR, and it was dark so it was blurry. Oh wells, next time maybe.

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