My Ysolda package - my early Christmas present to myself. :D

So one night back in November I was suffering from insomnia, and I was trawling around facebook and twitter when Ysolda tweeted that she had a limited sale on some project bags...

Obviously on a whim, I bought a couple of project bags for myself (seeing as I never finish my WIPs but they keep on increasing in numbers, so you can never have too many project bags) plus a kit for the Rose Red pattern.

I kinda forgot about it until the parcel arrived - it was like an early Christmas!

When I opened up the parcel, it was like receiving a present, all nicely wrapped with ribbon and a cute Ysolda badge. It felt like it was a gift, that I didn't spend money on it at all!!! I like the way they do their business... :P

I bought a limited edition Ysolda project bag, Elijah project bag, and a Rose Red kit, which had two balls of yarn and the pattern inside the Rose Red project bag.

And as you can see, I was one happy customer!

Now... All I have to do is do some more knitting, eh?

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LOOOOOOVE the wrapping!
How Chic!