Passions come, passions go.

Well, I dunno whether my passions for things actually go, per se, but they definitely rise and fall in the level of passion I have for it.

For instance - musicals. I love musicals. And I love directing them or musically directing them, or watching them, or listening to them. At one stage my life ambition was to work in New York and direct a musical, but right now I'm not really wanting that anymore. I have applied for directing and musical directing in Short, Sweet and Song this year, but I dunno whether I'll get in.

But musicals have been quite a passion for me for quite some time, especially in the last few years, until I found knitting. Suddenly I'm trying to extend my knitting abilities and such, and researching online what I wanna knit and different yarns... And it's amazing that when you have a passion suddenly your eyes open up to things that I would normally pass, like I saw this knitting store today whilst I was driving home from refresher teacher training, even though I've driven past it so many times. Also decided to go online to look for certain knitting stores around my area, as I only know of one which is in Newtown, and discovered one in the city which has apparently 2 levels! And Cecile told me that apparently the knitting level is huge... And on the website it says it's looking for employees, I wonder if I can apply...

And from visiting all these knitting stores online and in person, I want to open up my own knitting store one day, hopefully in Glebe. This is my current ambition, and it's funny how it's changed from wanting to direct a Broadway musical to owning a modest tapestry store in the inner city west.

Also want to refresh my interest in photography - thankfully am taking some general education subjects in photography and that will help the kickstart into serious amateur photography. I've got the cameras, just need the motivation and the drive to go and do it!

So really, passions for me don't really go, I just get new passions that tend to overtake the old ones for a while until the newer ones kinda lose its initial novelty and I rekindle the old passions. One thing, though, my passion for music will always be with me. Whatever I do, I need music and this will be an important aspect in my life.